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  1. How do you adjust the internal monitor? It only allows me to adjust the alert as far as I can see, unless you open the computer in CWA, then open the monitors dashboard. I'd like to adjust this for the entire server service group.
  2. Getting automated tickets from Automate that state REG - Windows Startup Overloaded. In the notes it says : Windows Startup has more than 15 programs on (server name). I have looked in the monitors, but can't seem to find where this is generated. I would like to turn off the alert as some of the app servers will have a lot of startup items if they are heavily utilized. Thanks! Justin
  3. I know this is very old, but how would I utilize the if file compare to do so?
  4. Hello! I am looking for some advice on scripting a Rapidfire Network Detective domain, and local PC scans. We have several customers we utilize Network Detective on, and would like to create one script to run at all locations. I could use some help with the logic of this, and how it may work. This is what I have so far. Run Network Detective application first time and save the settings in a common location (C:\Rapidfire) Run the saved settings in a Automate script that executes a batch as an admin. (This seems to be working) Run the local data collector on workstations in the domain (should I do this via batch as well, could I call this in the original script?) Pull the results file, and upload them to the cloud or a server off site. Any help you could provide with this would be great! Also if you have any good resources on creating scripts, I'd love to see them.
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