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  1. I need to created a report to give a breakdown of server and workstations for each customer. Originally all I wanted was a fairly simple table listing each customer and then a column with Total workstations and another column for Total Servers. This is just for internal use! When I started to create it, I couldn't get it to work. So I instead Created a report from the "Asset Summary" template and then just removed some data I didn't need (Pie chart and list of devices). This is sufficient for what we need. The problem I now have, is the report runs fine if I run it manually, but if I schedule it I get a 1kb PDF that doesn't open. I spoke to support, but they basically said as the unmodified report works, it is something That I have done and the couldn't troubleshoot that. Is anyone either able to offer some help as to why the report might not work, or link to some resources so I can try to work it out. Many Thanks
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