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  1. Thanks! I'll check the links... right now I'm going about their Webinars in the University. I'm new with Slack (we use Teams)... what do I do with the things you gave me?
  2. Well, the thing is there is no A/V really. I deactivate everything I can on the firewall (except the firewall itself), and still the same behavior. On both the CW-server and Win10 clients there are no A/V except the default defender - but that surely cannot be the issue? You are completely right. I did not write that, but we currently follow this plan: First we are looking for the plausible solutions and are making some plans to see IF we can implement that solution with the customers. Without spending any money first. The second step is to make a basic concept of what we wan
  3. Hello, I am completely new to automate, MSP and RMM tools. We are planing to do some MSP-kind work with our clients, so I started exploring the possible solutions, and came over CW automate (after trying out Solarwinds RMM, NinjaRMM and Kaseya VSA). Right now I am in the trial with Automate, and trying the most typical features, agent deployment, software deployment and patching. My first issue I am coming across is that automatic deployment, or even manual via network discovery, is flimsy at best: Readiness check tells me that I need to install .NET, while Win10 already al
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