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  1. @tlphipps Sorry for digging up an old thread. I'm working with getting files transferred to OSX as well. What URL are you calling to curl for the files in the LT transfer folder? Thanks guys!
  2. Hey guys, I totally sound like a noob here. I'm comfortable writing labtech scripts for various items but I've never written a complex multi-part script. Specifically I am looking to write a script that will run a command, reboot the PC, and run further commands after the reboot. Repetitive at that point but I'd like it to reboot again and run some more subsequent commands after that reboot as well. Surely this is a common practice. Any ideas? I searched and couldn't find anything, I also tried to find examples in automate but didn't see anything either. Thanks for the assist! -Kevin
  3. I apologize for the noob thread. I just figured this out. The issue was with the download path. Essentially I had the full path included but it is assumed that everything up to the 'transfer' folder is already in the path. For example, the file that lives in the software folder just needs to be pathed as software\filename.exe. Thanks for the views guys!
  4. Hey guys, We are using the cloud version of Automate. I've created a couple of scripts that call for file downloads from the LTShare. The file download step 'works' but it creates the file on the PC as a 1KB file that is corrupt. This happens on multiple PCs and with multiple files (PDF and EXE) with varying sizes (68KB, 317KB, and even one that's 3.8MB). I've tried the step as file download and file download forced but get the same results. The file copies to the LTShare fine and shows as full size. I've played around with having the file directly in the 'transfer' folder as well as in the 'files' and 'software' folders but no difference. Has anyone seen this or does anyone have any ideas? Thanks everyone! -Kevin
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