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  1. I found a solution: The alert message of an alert item is stored in a variable called @Message@
  2. Hello World, here is my plan/szenario: - A monitor is rising an alert for something - this alert calls a script - the script takes the content of the alert message defined in the monitor under the tab "Alerting"->"Additional Alerting Properties"->"Alert Message on Success"/"Alter Message on Failure" and sends it to an online service which sends a SMS to my mobile phone How do I get access to the content of those alert messages ("Alert Message on Success"/"Alert Message on Failure") ? Are there any local variables like @AlertMessage@ or something... Similar to @TicketComment@ the system function "_System Automation/Ticket Comment*"
  3. Thanks for the reply, but the Remote Monitors are individual for every Computer because they have to listen to a client specific IP and Port. Thats why i cant use one monitor for all computers.
  4. Hello World! I want to build a Script which creates a Monitor to watch the Connectionstate of a myUTN Device. I used the "Agent Monitor Creation - Disk*" Script as template. The heart of the Monitor Creation Process is the following SQL-Query: INSERT INTO `agents` (`Name`, `LocID`, `ClientID`, `ComputerID`, `DriveID`, `CheckAction`, `AlertAction`, `AlertMessage`, `ContactID`, `interval`, `Where`, `What`, `DataOut`, `Comparor`, `DataIn`, `LastScan`, `LastFailed`, `FailCount`, `IDField`, `AlertStyle`, `Changed`, `Last_Date`, `Last_User`, `ReportCategory`, `TicketCategory`) VALUES('@aname@','0','0','%computerid%','1','6','67','SEH UTN Port @Port@ at @UTN_IP@ - %COMPUTERNAME%~~~%NAME% %STATUS% on %CLIENTNAME%\\%COMPUTERNAME% at %LOCATIONNAME% for %FIELDNAME% result %RESULT %.!!!SEH UTN Port @Port@ at @UTN_IP@ - %COMPUTERNAME%~~~%NAME% %STATUS% on %CLIENTNAME%\\%COMPUTERNAME% at %LOCATIONNAME% for %FIELDNAME% result %RESULT%.','0','300','','7','\"@ProgramFilesPath@\\SEH Computertechnik GmbH\\SEH UTN Manager\\utnm.exe\" /c \"state @UTN_IP@ @Port@\" /mr /nw','1','Device state = \"Activated\" (@Port@)','','','0','0','0','-1','2019-09-20 13:48:24','root@localhost','0','0') The monitor is created "successfully" on my client, but is doesnt check... The monitor named "test" is a monitor i created by hand and it works. I checked the SQL datasets in the agents table from the database and the entrys (for test and the created monitor) are exact the same (excluded names and stuff). When I compare the Edit-Tab of both monitors I get this: (left the monitor i created by hand, right the monitor created by the script) When i push "Test" on the monitor created from the script it is testing as expected, but nothing changes in the monitor status. What am i doing wrong? Why wont it check automaticly/check at all? Thanks
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