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  1. So further development during testing. I discovered late yesterday that if the view has a JOIN it will automatically link those three tables. However, if the view does not have a JOIN function it will simply look at that table. I have to do some more testing but at this point it looks like I may have to create two views. One with the JOIN and the other that just pulls data from the other. I will report back once testing is completed. Darren Tested this morning and you are correct. Thank you!
  2. So after some more testing I have noticed something strange. When utilizing one SQL view for the monitor, information is only pulled from that view and no other tables. However, when a different view is being utilize, it will then pull the Computers, Locations, and Clients tables into the mix. I am still performing testing to determine why Automate is handling the two SQL views differently.
  3. Hey there everyone, So I have successfully created an Internal Monitor to look for disabled Monitors. Got all of my testing done with creating tickets and all that good stuff. My problem lies when I created an SQL view to assist with gathering information in a more concise manner. I then applied the view under Table to Check and when I went to check the Query Results noticed that it is suddenly including the Computers, Locations and Client tables. This breaks the monitor. What is strange is how these tables were never included in the week I have been testing this. Anyone have any ideas as to how I can exclude these tables from there query?
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