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  1. Is there any way to download a generic agent for MacOS from a URL, similar to the way that the Labtech PoSH module downloads the Windows agent? I've tried changing around the URLs I found in the Install-LTService module, as well as the ones listed in this forum thread, but haven't had any luck. (I've even considered hosting the file myself somewhere else but that 1) seems like a waste given that we're already paying for Connectwise to host this server and 2) I can't download it from the web portal current--according to CW support that's a known issue that will be fixed in patch 9 🙃.)
  2. Chiming in as someone who's been looking into this for a while--the consensus seems to be that this is less and less practical as you get to later and later MacOS versions. IIRC, for High Sierra and earlier, some variation of this in a Shell command will work: sysadminctl -addUser @adminname@ -fullName @adminfullname@ -password @adminpass@ -admin but for Mojave and Catalina I don't believe this will do the trick, and furthermore even on High Sierra you'll run into some weirdness with Apple's hardware encryption doing this through the command line.
  3. I have a number of remote monitors on machines that are not associated with any particular Automate group; is there any way to manage these (read: delete most of them) in bulk short of running raw SQL commands against the database?
  4. Nevermind--it was just pointed out to me that this is the exact use case for Offline Computer scripts.
  5. I'm trying to set up an internal monitor that will allow me to search for all computers who have not reported a heartbeat within the last 100 days; I've got the monitor set up and it appears to be working correctly, but the attached script that is supposed to modify the EDF I've set up to use in the Advanced Search screen is not getting changed. From what I can tell, it looks like it's waiting for the remote agent to respond, which it isn't (for obvious reasons). Does anyone have any tips on alternate ways go go about doing this? Is there another method I should use for modifying the EDF?
  6. Hey all, I'm trying to modify the Monitor Restart Service script so that it runs as normal on the first go around, but on subsequent successful restarts, it creates and leaves open a ticket without billing time. So far, I've set that up using a "Script Stats Save" function immediately after the START SERVICE note that increments the stat '@fieldname@RestartCount' for %computerid%, and an IF SQL Data Check function in the same section immediately before the IF SERVICE NOT RUNNING check that sets the ticket body text then goes to :SetScriptState. Where I'm stuck is figuring out how to clear the @fieldname@RestartCount stat. Assuming using a variable name to define that stat even works, which I'm not 100% on, how would I go about clearing all the stats corresponding to the different services on a daily basis? Is there a better way to accomplish what I'm looking to do that I'm overlooking?
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