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  1. @MGreen Thank you for replying! Is there some sort of cheat sheet / overview of how I should structure the SQL statement and how ConnectWise calls them?
  2. We have a monitor that checks if a device has had contact with Automate. If it doesn't have contact after 24 hours it will trigger a script. This script will update an extra data field on the player to 'Offline' and then send us an e-mail. Because this monitor runs every hour and some players are offline for longer we came up with a way to eliminate double e-mails from the same player by getting the value from the extra data field. I'm stuck now at the part where I need to check if the agent status is offline or online. I can't seem to find a variable for it or some other way to get the information I want. I'm no SQL hero but could I perhaps use this: 'Computer.LabTech.IsOnline' with some sort of SQL statement to get the value of offline or online and if so, can someone show me how?
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