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  1. For the time being, I put a bit of a hack in to get this working. For anyone interested, change the parameter to a simple string and then parse it at the beginning of your script. In my case, I wanted to verify valid UPN's were being provided. Here's the example: try { [MailAddress[]]$Permissions = $AssignPermissions.split(",") } catch { Write-Host "Failure: Invalid UPN(s) detected within the AssignPermissions parameter." $AssignPermissions break } Not the most elegant approach, but it works.
  2. Hi PS/Automate script guru's. I have an input parameter prompting a tech to enter one or more UPN's (email addresses), each separated by a comma. Ideally I'd like the PS Script to have a param defined that's of type string array. To date, I've not been successful in getting PS to treat what I'm passing in as an array. Instead, it thinks it's just one item within the array. Does anyone have any experience with this? Automate Script: Function: Execute Script Parameter: upns Script Type: PowerShell Script to Execute: (see PS Script below) Script Parameters: -upns @upns@ Variable: ps_results PS Script: [CmdletBinding()] param( [Parameter(Mandatory=$true, Position=1)] [string[]] $upns ) Write-Host $upns.Count foreach($upn in $upns) { Write-Host $upn } Cheers!
  3. Hi everyone, I may need a lesson on how to search- but honestly, couldn't find anything on this. How do I pull in the manufacturer of the computer from a script? i.e. I need to know if it's a Dell box. I'm assuming I have to run a SQL Query or something, but maybe it's simpler than that? Thanks in advance.
  4. Would anyone be willing to share their Dropbox installation script? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi Team, just wondering if anyone has made it easy to produce a nicely formatted report on files shares present on the file server, with the associated users / groups and permissions?
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