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  1. Hey Gurus - I am trying to find a report that will allow me to see patch history such as not only this month but say three months prior. I have looked at Patch Audit History which does not tell me other than the current month or most recent patch window, then there is Patch Audit which it appears to show the same, just in more detail. This is the scenario. I have a customer that has requested audit reports from Nov 2019, Feb 2020, and Jun 2020, showing the successful patching for those months. Is this possible? Patch History Audit description actually says the following, but I am not sure where to select the 'time period specified' option.
  2. HAHA! Yeah that is really not the best idea. I wonder if there is a way to change the default setting globally because I can almost bet this is the case for the majority of these Local Changes dataviews.
  3. You guys are great! I will look at everything you suggested and thank you so much! A lot of great info here! So far no complaints from users yet LOL. Tony D.
  4. I did what you said and then reloaded Solutions Center which set everything to current; it worked so thank you. My users will need to be made aware and also understand that they have to do Options > Save As Dataview option to avoid causing to overwrite the default Dataviews, as well as so others are aware there are custom options available. If I were to reset all the current dataviews again and users used the Save As option, will those also be overwritten with custom naming or will they stay? Also, is there a way to just reset a single dataview such as in my example (I should have asked this first probably).
  5. So I chose the "1 Solution in Queue" option. It states all dataviews with Local Changes will be overwritten. I could backup the database and Install/Update the changes, but how would I bring back dataviews that I backed up (if needed)? We have so many hands in this tool that I honestly could not tell you who changed what. 160 user accounts in Automate. I am the SME and think most of these changes are not necessary. I chose to install/update. Where does it backup the DB to? It looks like nothing has changed as well (see screenshot).
  6. So I highlighted the one I am referring to. Update Status refers to what exactly? I also have Current, Deprecated, and Update Available. Can you explain what each one means just so I make sure I understand what I think it means? The Patching Effective Policy states Local Changes so I would assume that means someone has changed it. If so, what are the steps to reset it to default. I selected it, but no changes. I chose Refresh Solution Info with no results either. Thanks in advance guys! You are more helpful than CW Support!!
  7. It appears that someone has used the Options > Save Dataview option and overwrote the default dataview. I am specifically referring to the Patching Effective Policy dataview. We have 456 clients with 5137 servers, yet it now only shows a total of 3 clients with 1054 servers. I have verified there are no filters enabled as well.
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