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  1. Hey Everyone! Got a request by my manager to see if I can generate a report that tells me what role is installed on each server. He's looking for a bit of detail such as Exchange version, SQL version etc which doesn't come up when I map the v_xr_computerrolescategories data source. That data source gives me a very basic rundown of what role is installed on the server without any versions or details. I contacted support and they showed me the Computer Role Detection dataview which gives me a bit more info but still doesn't show the Exchange version or SQL version Just wondering if anyone knows of a way to grab that from Automate and put it into a report? Or if it's even possible. An alternative I was thinking we could do is run some scripts that grab that info from the server and stick it in a EDF then report on that but my manager wants to try to stay away from scripts so that we don't have to update them each time a software version is released. Thanks guys!
  2. Hi guys, Wondering if anyone has experience setting up monitoring to send an email when a server has been rebooted. I've tried setting up EventLog monitoring to track EventID 6006/6005 but that has proven to be unreliable. Hoping for something that checks more frequently than the 5 minute interval on the EventLog monitoring and something with a bit more reliability. Thank you!
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