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  1. Recently moved to Automate from Solarwinds N-Able and I was surprised to see that when it comes to whitelisting software we only have a single list for all clients. We have customers who require specific Software Compliance lists for them and report on any discrepancies. Has anyone else facing this requirement? I am working on a report to highlight blacklisted applications found for a particular customer, but would appreciate if any of you have done something similar in the past. The main challenge is to maintain customer specific whitelist and blacklist for installed software and report on it. Are there any good third-party tools or is there a methodology I can use within Automate to achieve that? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello Laurence. Not sure if this reply is late, but the answer is no. You probably have a list of patches that require manual approval , which would include the update 1903. I recently set up patching for us and stil working out how to report on them and keep up with the latest patches the best way.
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