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  1. Hey there @DarrenWhite99, Sorry for drudging up an old thread, but when I follow these steps via Internal Monitor, and I try "Build and view query" I get the attached error. Can you help with what I'm doing wrong?
  2. @bigdessert Fantastic plug-in and solved my problem of generating a webhook from CWA! However, can you give a little better of how the data field works? I'm curious about how it sends data. Is it converting it to JSON? I noticed that when I put a \n to represent a new-line, it puts it as \\n. If I just put n, it doesn't put in the \. If I need to put in multiple Key: Value statements, what's the best way to do that in the data field? Thanks! PS. I slipped you $5 because this saved me a lot of reprogramming headache. EDIT: Got it to work without the \n and I replaced [] for {}. That seemed to fix the issue, but still curious if the current plugin doesn't account for escape characters for carriage returns and newlines?
  3. You can use Extra Data Fields and lock them down. I'm working on a method using webhooks to call on Azure Scripts that store all the creds in an Azure Key Vault. This is much more complex but allows for a wider range of possibilities.
  4. Hey all, Just curious if anyone here has used the built-in scripts for doing this under Maintenance --> Patching? Windows 10 - Install Feature Update Windows 10 - Feature Update ISO Cleanup Is everyone rolling there own because this one doesn't work? It looks like you can pull the version number directly from the database without having to run an extra script to get it as well.
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