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  1. Hi, I try to create a report for the customer to send be daily with only devices that are offline more then 48h. I try with formatting rules and below conditions but is not working. DateDiffHour(Now(), [ComputerDateLastContact]) > 48 I will appreciate any help.
  2. Hi, I'm looking for some help with the monitor. I want a monitor that emails me when devices from the group are emailing me if a device will be offline after 48h. So far I did: Table to check: computers Field to check: LastContact CheckCondition: LessThan Result: DATE_ADD(NOW(),INTERVAL -2880 MINUTE) Identity Field: computers.name That is building a successful query and I see devices that are Offline in the Status tab but I'm not getting emails or tickets are not log in ConnectwiseManage. For test purposes, I set a 60s interval. In Alert Item Settings I tick below boxes in error column: Raise Alert, Email, Ticket and in Alert Contact i choose USer/technician with my account. I will appreciate any help, screenshots welcome 😃
  3. N0m1t

    TPM Ready

    Hi Gavesto, I imported file but I cannot fin that anywhere? how I can use taht function in Dataviews or Searches?
  4. Is some know how to disable nwtwork devices and monitoring in webportal for customer. They want see only computers. The view is restricted and when they pick Site you don't see anything but in All Sites is showing devices. Thanks
  5. like in the title, how to stop running script from CWA but online version? I dont see the same option like in desktop application. I think there is no option to stop in Webportal so the only way to stop script is creating other script that he kills process that previous is runing. I hope this make sense and i save someone some time.
  6. Thank you tvarvais, I was hoping there is a simpler way. I will start changing permissions so 😂
  7. We have multiple customers and some of theme have access to automate to manage some of the internal jobs through Screen Connect. One of customer is asking that he can run scripts, but we do not want give permission to all of them. Can user in automate be restricted to use only 1 or 2 scripts or group of scripts?
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