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  1. Hi. Do you guys have a script that install control on Linux machines?
  2. Is anyone familiar with Control database? Can we get the list of dead duplicate control session there?
  3. So automate does not store any last logged in user information in the database?
  4. I'm creating a script that needs to get the latest last logged in user of a machine. The lastusername column in computer table is where I can find the last logged in user right? Or automate has a default variable where can I get the last logged in user without using query? Also, I was just wondering how often the database updates its record? I might be getting the outdated record in the lastusername column.
  5. Hello, would you know the reason why my script is stuck in Scheduled state even though it was not scheduled?
  6. Do you guys have a script to install CW control? Thanks!
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