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  1. So I'm looking to make an automated task that can disable sleep settings, but, I want them to be reset to their previous settings after another task has finished. I've gone through the powercfg.exe, but, I'm clearly not competent enough to understand it haha. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Thanks man! We actually already made scripts using the partner api. We keep seeing "Failures to Protect" which can be any number of issues. It seems to be environmental. As we have gone through and replaced/upgraded machines to Win 10, we have been seeing less and less of them, however, they are still there. I'm mostly tackling disabling sleep and re-enabling sleep. I've tried looking up scripts here that can perform that, however, I have not found any that can do that just yet. There's also Duplicate devices, out-of-date, PC's just straight up not checking in to central even though they are online, policy non-compliance alerts that I cannot start services until I uninstall and reinstall, etc. We got all the issues haha.
  3. So I'm following up on this thread. Has anyone made any scripts for Sophos? We just got started with Connectwise Automate because I got tired of fixing Sophos Deployments for our 2000+ Endpoints. Just wanted to see what was out in the community. If not I'll try and make some repair scripts and post them for others like me. I already have an event log reset script that resets the local sophos event log on an endpoint if it doesn't clear the "Suspicious" health status after a malware/pua clean-up.
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