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  1. My experience is that when the "/quiet" installation fails, you'll find that the "Server Address" value in registry (HKLM\SOFTWARE\LabTech\Service) doesn't have the correct data. I've built in a registry check in my own script that then runs the uninstaller and reinstalls the MSI if this registry check fails. The 2nd or 3rd attempt generally works.
  2. @rittwage and @SteveYates, approximately how many agents do you have? CW mentions that the issue is exacerbated by large numbers of agents, but they don't mention what number qualifies as "large agent environments".
  3. Security through obscurity is not considered an appropriate approach to security. Even without going into details, it should be possible for you to explain in general terms what the security risks of having a compromised agent are. If there are in fact risks of having a compromised agent, then that would imply that Automate is an inherently insecure platform that partners deserve to know about (which is why this is an appropriate discussion to have here for other partners to see rather than privately within Slack).
  4. Do you mean the agent password is stored in the registry? The value of HKLM\SOFTWARE\LabTech\Service\ServerPassword appears to be unique when comparing several different agents. Where is OldSystemPassword located in the SQL database? Am I the only one that wants answers to questions before blindly changing the system password? How would the system password get compromised in the first place? What are the consequences/risks of having the system password compromised? From the explanation above, it would appear that it would simply allow the attacker to install an Automate agent. What is the risk of having a compromised agent? It would seem to me that agents should be inherently untrusted and shouldn't be able to compromise the Automate server or other agents Is changing the system password just a temporary fix that needs to be repeated regularly in the future or is it just a one-time fix to be completed after applying the recent hotfixes? The communications from ConnectWise have been light on details and I'm not seeing a lot of chatter about this on the MSPGeek or CW University forums.
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