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  1. I using PFSENSE with 2 Gataways in case of fail over, I have Comcast and ATT So Comcast is the default is it fails , I want to crate a monitor and alert so I can be notified if comcast is down or ATT is down, What could be the best practice ?
  2. I have a question, does patch manager work with computers on Idel state For example, HOUWK34 is always with Idle flag and compliance at 70, and HOUWK24 shows compliance at 0 . Those computers are use as remote desktop for home working users Idle will always be there. Not sure how patching works in this cases.
  3. It does't require logon https://dl.google.com/chat/latest/InstallHangoutsChat.msi App doesn't need admin credentials to install. Screen is OK, no errors. I even tried to install it from backstage
  4. Quickbooks app, I haven't been able to automate that install.
  5. Hello, I've been checking monitor setup but I having some troubles on Memory and CPU. I want to create two alerts = 1) RAM: alert when above 90% for an hour+ 2) CPU: alert when above 90% for an hour+. Have any one of you done this ? Is it even possible ?
  6. I have the same issue with .exe files., is this solved ?
  7. I tested with hangouts chat, for some reason did not work.
  8. Hello, I'm new on scripting, I created a script for QBO install. I'm running a shell command to do the installation I getting an error on agent end, what is missing ?
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