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  1. Huh, you are absolutely right. SQL query: "SELECT NAME, ID FROM extrafield;" I've updated the monitor id field to 515 and it now works. That's weird, though, right? Our old Automate server is set to 529 in the monitor and our new one was also set to 529 by default. Thank you for your assistance once again, Wesley
  2. Hi everyone, I'm in the process of migrating from one Automate server to a new one. On our old server, we have the internal monitor 'DRV - Free Space < Threshold' looking for the extra data field 'Drive Thresholds' under 'Monitoring' for each server. This works well and allows us to adjust thresholds on each server as needed. On this new server, I've setup the same configuration for the drive threshold information, but the monitor doesn't seem to be detecting any issues with disk space availability. The monitor query configuration is identical on each server, however, our old server
  3. Hi everyone, I'm hoping to get some help with something that seems quite simple. I'm in the process of creating a new LabTech/Automate server, but I've noticed that under locations, I'm missing the "Default" tab with service plan details for servers and workstations. In the below screenshot, the top image is what I'm seeing on the new server and the lower screenshot is the old server, showcasing the difference: Is there an area I need to go to in order to enable this tab? Thank you Kosta
  4. Thanks for the replies, everyone. Apologies, I seem to have given some incorrect information. In my initial post, I stated the DB size to be 50GB, but the actual size is 11.3GB. I was looking at the total amount of disk usage on the C drive. Interestingly, imurphy, without any changes being made, we're now seeing 24GB used by MySQL. One MySQL process in particular seems to be writing heavily to disk, which is: C:\ProgramData\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.6\data\ibdata1 Going into C:\ProgramData\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.6\data\labtech I can see the largest files seem to be eventlog IB
  5. Thanks Wesley We actually already have ScreenConnect on its own server / VM. So guessing it must be something else that's causing issues.
  6. Hi guys, We're looking to rebuild our Automate server, as we've been experiencing a number of performance issues in our current install, and I'm hoping for some advice. We don't currently monitor workstations, due to this causing severe performance issues to Automate when it hit around 1,500 deployed agents. As such, we're currently just monitoring servers, around 750~. As we do not know why Automate encounters performance issues with more agents and we would like to be able to manage workstations, we've decided to rebuild our server completely. The performance issues seemed to be rela
  7. Hi guys, After setting up the appropriate patching group, searches, Microsoft Update polices, I'm encountering issues where the servers aren't actually being patched. Under the server > Patching > Patch Job > the job states the below: Patch Job Type: Microsoft Policy Patch Job Operation Type: N/A Patch Job Start Date: 23/02/2020 4:00:56 AM Patch Job Finish Date: 23/02/2020 4:00:56 AM Total Patch Job Duration: 0.00 seconds I'm assuming "Patch Job Operation Type: N/A" is a clue to the problem, but I'm unsure as to where it gathers information for that field from. Other servers
  8. With the help of a colleague, I got this working. That said, it's a bit of an out-of-the-box workaround. So as a bit of background, I've got my Automate script that kicks off a PowerShell script that does things, then upon running, it creates a ticket in Automate, which flows through to Manage. That worked fine, and I could add comments via the script as well, which would appear under the "Discussion" comments in Manage. But I needed a way to add internal comments / notes to Manage. I'd read about Email connector tags when first learning about Manage, but had forgotten all about them unt
  9. Hi everyone, I'm rather new to Automate, but over the last 2 months I've spent almost all my time learning it's functions. I'm currently at a stage where I have a script in Automate that creates a ticket, which then transfers over to Manage using the ConnectWise Manage plugin. Now, this works perfectly. I can even have the script make additional comments on the ticket, however, I'd like the script to make internal comments on the ticket too. At this stage, I can't figure out how to do this, or find out if it's even possible. The 'Ticket Comment' script step only creates a public facin
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