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  1. look at the RMM+ intergration
  2. there are some improvements coming to the plugin soon. You are correct regarding the corrupted install and came across hundreds like that. Created a script to remove anything in that folder so it can start fresh
  3. Sadly, no. The best fix i found so far is to run a script to delete the reg keys that BD applies when it detects a reboot is needed. That seemed to fix about 20% of them. Honestly its a lost cause and ill be tickled pink if you get an answer. Ive pretty much given up on it. My plan is to hit each machine individually. Just some last words... Make sure there is NO OTHER AV on there PERIOD. Some will work side by side and some wont. Even if you have the remove competitor option enabled its very flakey at best and in most cases will not remove some of the more popular AV's. What HAS worked is a newly imaged machine with no priors on there. Thats where we saw the most success with the Auto Deployment wizard. For the next error code you get. https://www.bitdefender.com/support/troubleshooting-best-unsuccessful-deployments-1550.html
  4. will try that but that kinda defeats the whole auto deploy
  5. dont think i came across anything by that name
  6. Do you have machines setup for auto deploy that say pending reboot and especially after they have been rebooted it still wont deploy?
  7. ivape

    Offboarding Script

    Thanks ill poke around for it. Up for sharing what you've written so far? Are you referring to the "HTTP-GET-POST" thread?
  8. ivape

    Offboarding Script

    Thanks ill poke around for it. Up for sharing what you've written so far?
  9. thanks, in the process of trying to do this im noticing BD is not auto installing on alot of machines due to pending restart. They have been restarted. some have been restarted up to 4 times already yet its still failing the install. BD asked me to send logs and what not. That's very good for a one off issue but I would like to know how to troubleshoot on my own. there are way to many failing with the same error and theres no additional info. Just cant instal due to pending restart.
  10. True, im using GuestInfoUpdateTime < $180DAYSAGO but want to try and "automate" the offboard process.
  11. 13k here and thats exactly what im trying to avoid. Reaching out here hoping someone smarter then me already did something like this
  12. does this also End the SC session?
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