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  1. Wanted to say thanks for the input. Reading these posts now. I appreciate the time and expertise.
  2. Yes, I am doing shell script function, btw Its a simple powershell script that creates a directory on the root of the drive. Then goes out downloads files from the web server Places them in prior directory built. Then it creates an ICON on desktop for all users Then it associates icon file Below is the code New-Item -Path C:\LCSbin -ItemType directory $LCSBIN = "C:\LCSBIN" $ValidPath = Test-Path $LCSBIN -IsValid If ($ValidPath -eq $True) {Write-Host "Path is OK"} Else {Write-Host "Mistake in LCSBIN variable"} $client = new-objec
  3. So I wrote a Powershell script. If I save the file as myscript.pst and call it from Powershell, it works great. No errors. Using automate instructions https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Automate/ConnectWise_Automate_Documentation/070/240/050/040/020/180?psa=1 I did an execute script call or Shell function as Automate Calls it. It never errors out, it says it executed the script successfully. Automate seems to execute the script I made on Automate side which calls my powershell script code.. however it never works. Ive read that automate and power shell are
  4. So I have a VBS script that I want to store on all devices I manage. Download the VBS script store it on the comptuer then Create a new file on C:\MSPFOLDER then store VBS script in the C:\MSPfolder then Create a ShortCut on Desktop for all users with the custom icon. Anybody seen anything like this already in the automate/Labtech. Im not a programmer by day, I know this is going to take a while for me to piece together, just looking for something I can build out in Automate/labtech and just Deploy this.
  5. Please delete post EDITED
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