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  1. so went ahead and checked it does look like powershell is the issue, it says powershell 3 on the PC so i need to run something to update that, thanks this is where it fails: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\PowerShell\3\PowerShellEngine:PSCompatibleVersion-Key Not Found
  2. okay, so I need to be able to work around this... any ideas?
  3. @Danialbulloch I attempted to find anything but was unable to see anything in the file aside from the 7zip.exe
  4. Here's what I did, change it from File Download to File Download URL, changed the link for this iso to a drop box with the iso on the drop box (make sure you make the iso public and grab a link) and it should now work
  5. Having issues, and I'm not sure where, but I am recieving this message on windows 7 machines The results for the upgrade are as follows: Script kicked off the install, so far so good. Check command results below for more details and potential issues. Command results: WARNING: Unknown exit code. (Code: 0x) I am only upgrading 1 machine at a time, this is the second machine tested, first machine that is Win 7, Win 8 worked great, any help is appreciated
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