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  1. Hi all, we use connectwise Automate. I'd like to have a better ticketing system, but not all the bells&whistles of Connectwise manage (because we really only need the ticketing part). Which 3rd party ticketing system can be integrated out of the box with Connectwise automate?
  2. Is heartbeat data stored in automate db somewhere? i’m looking for a way to create a report that has time on x-axis and heartbeat received Boolean on y-axis. This would give an immediate overview at what times the pc doesn’t reply on heartbeats (ie connectivity issue or power outage). how would this be done?
  3. Hi all, we have quite a few managed computers in automate. Lots of them are at unmanned sites. I'd like to be able to also register other devices that are connected to the computer, but are not networked devices. For example computer monitors that are connected through HDMI. Is there a way in automate to add such a device to a location? Perhaps as virtual device of some sort? Obviously it will be an unmanaged device, but I'd like to manually register things like serial number, firmware version, etc.
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