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  1. In Patch Manager, I've approved everything that wasn't set to auto under *Approvals-Default, but there are still ~3200 patches sitting "unset" under the lower approval policies i.e. workstation overrides, server overrides etc. What is the best practice to do with those? Just leave them there? Or set everything to automatic ignore since I have set them in the *Approvals-Default?
  2. I am using VEEAM to back up my on-prem automate server. I have pre and post scripts that stop the services before the snapshot and restart them after. After nearly EVERY backup, I have about 12-15 monitors that are disabled and ALL of my heartbeats show a future date and time. I am literally at the end of my rope and ready to give up. Sometimes restarting certain services fix it, sometimes not. If anyone can help, I would sincerely appreciate it.
  3. I have a new on prem deployment of Automate on great hardware (SSD etc.) but I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out why these monitors are constantly getting disabled: LT-Offline Locations LT-Offline Servers LT-Offline Servers (Legacy) Apparently if the SQL queries behind these monitors take longer than 30s to run, they go into a disabled state. This is obviously a problem because I need to know if servers are offline. Turns out - and I have simulated this 2x with the same results - that my VEEAM backup is causing this. I guess when it takes a snapshot, the se
  4. Thanks @Gavsto for this! Everything seems to be working well except some of the servers are not coming up. I did a little digging and the role detection looks for the "/" character in the return from "get-wbpolicy | select schedule". The problem is that some of the servers have dates that use the format YYYY-MM-DD rather than YYYY/MM/DD. Since get-wbpolicy will return nothing if there is no backup scheduled, I changed the result to "{" instead of "/" and it is detecting all the servers now.
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