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  1. Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to verify if a ticket have already being created by a monitor before creating a new one ? Like I have a monitor which verify a hard drive on a daily basis, the first time the monitor generates a ticket, on the next day the monitor encounter the same situation and is about to create another ticket but before doing so it will be able to verify if a previous ticket was generated previously for the same error. Is that even doable ? Thanks in advance
  2. Now that you can exclude a specific brand from the condition and/or the agent from the monitor completely to get rid of those false positive there is one question remaining: What will you when those will fail ? They won`t get reported because you are ignoring the alerts. Not the best way to handle things imho.
  3. Hi, How do you add two variables together in a script and get the result ? I have @number1@ and @number2@ which both equals to 1, if I try to add them like @result@ = @number1@+@number2@ I'm getting the string '1+1' instead of the number 2 Any ideas ?
  4. Hi Steve, Yes indeed I did some tests and I have to adjust the SQL sentence accordingly. Thanks
  5. Hi, I was wondering if we call a group script which contains a Script For Each Sql command, let say SELECT * from Drives, does it returns the rows from the group only or the entire LT database ? Thanks in advance
  6. Hi, I have an external monitor which return a list of drives and tells me if the shadowcopy service is enabled on them. Now what I need to do is to pass the results to a script which will compare them to the ones stored in EDFs. My problem is how to call the script every time the monitor is running and not based on an error state ? Thanks in advance
  7. Hi Steve, That sounds a good solution. Will try that Thanks for the help
  8. This is the kind of monitor I am talking about, if we modify the content of the batch file the remote computer still execute the previous one, it doesn`t get updated.
  9. The problem is that it is the script itself that need to be deleted I guess I should make a second script which deletes the previous one. It`s a dirty solution but I guess it`s the only way to go since Automate doesn`t work the way it should.
  10. Hi, I did create a remote monitor which uses a batch file. The batch file resides in the LTShare folder under Transfer\Monitors directory. Upon execution the batch file uploads to the Windows\LTSvc folder of the remote computer which is fine but the problem is if I modify the file inside the LTShare\Monitors\Transfer directory the remote monitor still execute the file located on his Windows\LTShare folder. Is there any way I could update the remote file when I make changes in it ? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi, I tried to load your report in the designer and got the following error: How can I fix this ? Thanks
  12. We built a script to install the Sonicwall Client to a bunch of workstations and we experienced some problems with the deployment. At first we did use an automate service account with domain admin privileges which was set by default on the Deployment & Defaults location tab of the client. But then, even if the account was a domain admin one it would not work, we had to replace it with the original domain administrator account to make it work. This make no sense to me as both accounts does have the same rights. That is what I wish someone explain to me the rational behind this. Thanks
  13. It happened to us not long ago where we did create a service account for automate and assigned domain admin privileges to it. However the scripts weren`t working because that account never logged into the workstations before, therefore I had to use the domain admin account which I find weird because I am pretty sure this account never logged into the machine either but that worked. I am wondering the same as you and wish someone more knowledgeable can clarify this.
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