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  1. We just Ignited our first client!! now dealing with the ticket flood. my question is for monitors like the Disk Cleanup temp files lets say. Can i get the monitor to Monitor triggers auto-fix temp cleanup is ran monitor re checks that folder is below threshold monitor creates ticket. monitor adds x amount of time monitor closes ticket Is this functionality even available?
  2. https://www.gavsto.com/labtech-report-center/
  3. All, New to this form and I have been tasked with generating a report that I want to only show devices with SQL express specifically installed on them. Have an issue where we were told that we have to pay even to use express so going through that process. New to automate reporting and cant wrap my head around how this is done. Any and all help and or guidance is greatly appreciated EDIT: Following guide linked here I think i have report created. I just need to figure out how to pull back ONLY sql express.. is that done by software id or version?
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