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  1. OK thanks I will take a look at this. Would this be able to support different user permissions, for example our service desk analysts should always be prompted for consent, whereas our technical team do not require this and currently Control is set up for different role permissions to accommodate this. I haven't found a way in Automate to do this given it connects through with the single account?
  2. Hi all We are implementing a new instance of Connectwise Automate with Control (Screen Connect) integration. We seem to have hit a bit of an issue. We have used Screen Connect for many years in a cloud instance where we manage multiple customer sites all with server and workstation sub groups. We have different access policies on the sub groups to allow unattended access to servers and prompt for client approval on connection for workstations. We want the same configuration on the integrated Control instance however cannot work out how to apply different access roles against the groups via Automate. It does not seem to allow for grouping in the same way. How do others manage this? Pretty sure what I am trying to do is not that specific given we need unattended access to servers but not to desktops. Thanks
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