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  1. Hi have a few scripts that i'd like to email the results the only issue i have is that i either have to send an email after each shell result, or else I only get sent whatever the last commands shellresult was 1. shell command1 and store the result in %shellsresult% 2. shell command2 and store the result in %shellsresult% is there someway or another variable i should be using e.g can either just say "send the whole log"?
  2. Hi , is there any basic script to run and chck if a port is open? for example we want a report to tell us if any desktop or server has port 3389 open to the world thanks!
  3. Hey thanks, sorry i didn't see any notifications for the replies.... only just started on this and no matter what i do the MSI will not install through the script heres the bones of it.. I can see the MSI download to temp and have tried SHELL as Admin & also EXECUTE as Admin but the installer doesnt run tried different switches /QUIET, /QB, /QN if i log onto the machine run an elevated command prompt (with the /QN switch) and paste the install command it works fine. so im wondering if theres some issue with MSI file? (ive tried the MSI downloaded from our shadow control appliance, and also direct from storagecrafts website... same results I see the rest of the script seems to run as the files delete itself at the end also from the script log The Script(388) was successful in the Then section. Script: Shadow Control Agent Deploy - Starting at Server Time: Monday, June 8, 2020 9:40:27 AM IF True Time Taken: 0.9377793 L1 IF Software Installed App (P1): StorageCraft ShadowControl Jump (P2): :DoSubscribe Time Taken: 0.9377793 L2 File Download URL (Forced) URL (P1): 'https://downloads.storagecraft...' LocalFile (P2): 'C:\temp\ShadowControl_Installe...' Wait (P3): 0 Time Taken: 0.9395401 L3 Script Sleep Seconds (P1): 10 Time Taken: 16.9996267 L4 Process Execute as Admin File (P1): 'msiexec.exe /i c:\temp\ShadowC...' Wait (P3): 0 Time Taken: 27.141732 L5 Script Note Note (P1): :DoSubscribe Time Taken: 35.1729175 L6 Shell as Admin Time Taken: 35.1729175 L7 Resend Software Time Taken: 37.2023934 L8 File Delete as Admin FileName (P1): C:\temp\ShadowControl_Installer.msi Time Taken: 57.2643926 6/8/2020 9:41:37 AM ComputerID Hidden_ComputerID
  4. Hi, im a total newb to connectwise, and coming from Nable, am trying to do the following via a script: ANY Windows Server 2003 Install https://downloads.storagecraft.com/_cmd/ShadowControl_Installer_3_8_en.msi & then subscribe using the command stccmd /subscribe ipaddress Any Windows 2008 R2 or above server install https://downloads.storagecraft.com/_shadowcontrol/ShadowControl_Installer_4.3_en.msi & then subscribe using the command stccmd /subscribe ipaddress & just to catch any workstations that have shadow protect or imagemanager installed: ANY agent with any OS that has any of the the process's "shadowcontrol-agent.exe" "spx_service.exe" "ImageManager.exe" "ShadowProtectSvc.exe" then also install https://downloads.storagecraft.com/_shadowcontrol/ShadowControl_Installer_4.3_en.msi & then subscribe using the command stccmd /subscribe ipaddress is there any scrit already out there for deploying the shadowcontrol agent or any other suggestions? Thanks!
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