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  1. Hi have a few scripts that i'd like to email the results the only issue i have is that i either have to send an email after each shell result, or else I only get sent whatever the last commands shellresult was 1. shell command1 and store the result in %shellsresult% 2. shell command2 and store the result in %shellsresult% is there someway or another variable i should be using e.g can either just say "send the whole log"?
  2. Hi , is there any basic script to run and chck if a port is open? for example we want a report to tell us if any desktop or server has port 3389 open to the world thanks!
  3. Hey thanks, sorry i didn't see any notifications for the replies.... only just started on this and no matter what i do the MSI will not install through the script heres the bones of it.. I can see the MSI download to temp and have tried SHELL as Admin & also EXECUTE as Admin but the installer doesnt run tried different switches /QUIET, /QB, /QN if i log onto the machine run an elevated command prompt (with the /QN switch) and paste the install command it works fine. so im wondering if theres some issue with MSI file? (ive tried the MSI downloaded from our shadow c
  4. Hi, im a total newb to connectwise, and coming from Nable, am trying to do the following via a script: ANY Windows Server 2003 Install https://downloads.storagecraft.com/_cmd/ShadowControl_Installer_3_8_en.msi & then subscribe using the command stccmd /subscribe ipaddress Any Windows 2008 R2 or above server install https://downloads.storagecraft.com/_shadowcontrol/ShadowControl_Installer_4.3_en.msi & then subscribe using the command stccmd /subscribe ipaddress & just to catch any workstations that have shadow protect or imagemanager installed: A
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