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  1. We're working our way through making Automate achieve reporting parity with another platform we're exiting - it's providing way too hard, but I'm learning to respect the capabilities I'm stumbling into. We've made up a modified Executive Summary report that summarises general status - storage, AV, backup. In parallel we've been working up scripts to run multiple times each day to gather backup status (started, succeeded, failed etc). In those scripts I've included what I *thought* were the hooks to report backup outcomes via command such as: Success SET: [STAT BackupRunStat] = [STAT BackupRunStat]+1 for computer @ComputerID@ Record Stat #1 AS 100 For @ComputerID@ Failure SET: [STAT BackupFailStat] = [STAT BackupFailStat]+1 for computer @ComputerID@ Record Stat #1 AS 1 For @ComputerID@ I thought I had this nailed, and I'd start seeing data showing up in the Backup Health report and also our Weekly Summary. Both show nothing - "No backups found". I understand that this may be hooked to some legacy Backup Manager concept (which I can't get a grip on, but seems to only support a tiny set of backup products). In the end, it doesn't matter - the structure still seems to be there, how do I record backup events in a compatible into this structure so that I can report on backups. I can't find anything published on this, can't find anything but cursory references to the commands I've used above. However, it must be possible to get this data into the reports - I can't believe clients would accept not seeing it. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? If backup vendors have developed plugins that comply, where did they get their information/docs/references from on how to make it work with the reporting? Thanks Matthew
  2. That's helpful, thanks. I'm going to assume it's safer to do all my date evaluations in calls out to Powershell - bit of a round-trip, but at least its predictable.
  3. Hi all, I'm trying to make some evaluations in an Automate script based on comparing dates - I'll be pulling a date from Powershell for storage in an EDF on one day, then checking it in subsequent runs. In particular I need to check, is the date in the EDF the same as 'today' which I think I have to compare against %when%. %when% is timestamp - I'd normally format it down to just leave the date. I can't figure out how to get started to achieve this? How do you normally handle this? Thanks Matthew
  4. This got a mention at the IT Nation Explore event this week - are the executables still available? Thanks
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