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  1. so currently I have a script that Uploads a txt file that I create inside my script. However, I want my script to delete the uploaded file after I send it in an email. I thought I could do delete file and specify the location of the online server but it is still checking for it locally. How can I add a line in my script to remove that file from the LTShare server after its sent in an email?
  2. update: so I got it to display the contents but each row of content is appearing in one square rather than 4 which is the number of columns I have
  3. so the first image is the code inside my execute script line and then it does in fact create the email with the csv file however its returning length which I am assuming is the amount of bytes as bits? idk but if anyone had this issue or knows why its not returning the content I would love to know
  4. Thank you my good sir Darren
  5. I am also having this issue. Did you ever figure out how to fix that? Id love to know. thanks
  6. so I wrote powershell and got it displaying fine but when I add that powershell code into the "execute script" line in automate and then have the results of that sent in an email, the email is formatted weird and I thought it would be exactly like the powershell output. has anyone ran into this issue? Im not sure how to go about this
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