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  1. Thank you for your response. I have had a similar suggestion elsewhere so I will try giving the script a try.
  2. Hi All, 1st post on here. We are new to Automate as of January this year and there has been a lot to learn. I have a couple of scenarios which I require help with to create appropriate monitors. These monitors were possible on Solarwinds but we cant find a way to set them up on Automate. 1) We require a monitor that checks a file, and if that files time stamp is greater than an hour, then it raises an alert. This monitor is to check that a DVR is working correctly and recording data, if the file its monitoring doesnt get written to in over an hour then there is an issue we need to look at. 2) We require a monitor that checks the content of a file and looks for the words "Alert" or "Error". Again, this was available in Solarwinds but I cant find anything but to check that a file or directory exists. 3) We require a monitor that checks a website for the word "Disconnect". Solarwinds used to check a website and if that website loads with a message saying Disconnect then a ticket was raised. I have checked the create a monitor via wizard but none of those seem to fit. I believe this may be a new monitor from scratch but again could not find the options that would fit the above scenarios. I believe the system is very powerful and will be capable of the above, I just need a little help to get more familiar with the system. Appreciate any help.
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