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  1. @Jacobsa Perfect! This worked out. I didn't know about doing the ECHO/DIR commands and I found the culprit was the Program location and the log/text file for the definition file. This is what I have that works in case anyone needs a blanket F-Secure AV virus scan config
  2. Hello, We have a client that uses F-Secure Computer Protection Premium & F-Secure Server Protection Premium. The ConnectWise virus scan configs already have four F-Secure entries but they don't work because they are looking at a registry key that doesn't exist anymore. When I look at the registry and what it looks like now compared to the past, they are nothing alike and I'm having a hard time configuring a new one (I'm just creating a blanket config - so far, the server and the computer AV match for install location) This is what I have so far. I have confirmed that the definiti
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