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Found 4 results

  1. I've created an Automate script that creates an Active Directory GPO and deploys the Automate agents via Startup Script. I've tested it on multiple domains successfully. Does not require Permissions/Credentials in Automate Uses GitHub for initial GPO and PS module downloads (so not need to download files to your local server). Automatically links the GPO to the root (optional Parameter in script) Creates a ticket for accountability and script's results. Please give me some feedback... Agent Deploy - Create GPO on Domain Controller.xml Agent Deploy - Remove GPO on Domain Controller.xml
  2. Hello Ladies and Gents of MSPGeek. Im having trouble with one computer continually dropping its agent. I have removed and reinstalled the agent 4 times in the last 2 weeks but it only sticks for 1 or 2 days at most. I currently have 4 versions of this in my Automate, i've not removed as in the hope one may come online but none come back on line. I have found no software i suspect is responsible and the same client has several computers with all identical software, none others are experiencing this problem. the service shows it is running, not blocked or stopped. TLDR/Version LT agent breaks constantly, reinstalled 4 times in 14 days, no software breaking it i can find, services show good, im out of ideas.
  3. I have created Automate Agent deployment scripts that run from Automate. • Uses discovered Computers & Network Devices found by the Probe and uses assigned Location Credentials (unless Override User/Pass is entered) to push Automate Agent. • Right-Click on Network Device to push Automate Agent to one computer • Scans entire subnet where the agent is located and uses assigned Location Credentials (unless Override User/Pass is entered) to push Automate Agent. • Query Active Directory for all computers that have logged-in in the past 30 days and uses assigned Location Credentials to push Automate Agent All of the scripts utilize GitHub for up-to-date Automate-Module.psm1 https://github.com/Braingears/PowerShell/blob/master/Automate-Module.psm1 It will Ping -> Attempt Deployment via WinRM -> Attempt Deployment via RPC/WMI Agent Deploy via Scan Local Subnet.xml Agent Deploy via Domain Controller.xml Agent Deploy to Network Device.xml Agent Deploy to All Network Devices.xml
  4. Has anyone successfully deployed Automate via Intune? I tried to upload the MSI package to deploy, but it isn't working right. It installs, but has no idea what server or location it's supposed to check into. And even if I stop the services, manually add those in the registry, and restart the services, the machine still never shows up in Automate.
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