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Found 8 results

  1. This thread is meant to be an overview for each individual Version 12 patch. We know that all patches are not created equal and there are some patches that we should avoid like the plague (I'm looking at you 11.18/12.0). The top post will be consistently updated with known bugs/issues for each patch, so you should know at a glance if you feel comfortable deciding if you want to upgrade or hold out for the next patch. At the time of creating this - Patch 12.5 ( has just been released, so the details of previous patches might not be as detailed as patches 12.5 and newer. Blue = Must install ASAP (unless skipping to a newer patch) Green = Stable Patch Orange = Relatively Stable Patch Red = Unstable Patch Official ConnectWise Automate Patch Notes for all released patches can be found here Patch 2019.10 ( Benefits/Features: Added Web functionality - More Pods/Fly-outs, Tool menu added including Command prompt, Create Companies, manage extensions Outlook and Backup tabs removed (as promised for several months) Known Bugs/Issues: Patch 2019.9 ( Benefits/Features: Again - adding more Web CC features AND ConnectWise Now updates Known Bugs/Issues: Patch 2019.8 ( Benefits/Features: A lot of Web CC updates - It's almost like they want the Web CC to replace the thick client /s Known Bugs/Issues: If you have this patch installed, then please make sure that you're on version There is a major bug in the agent uninstaller that you really don't want to be on the wrong side of in version .224. (source) Patch 2019.7 ( Benefits/Features: No major QoL improvements or changes. Several minor tweaks and bug fixes Known Bugs/Issues: Patch 2019.6 ( Benefits/Features: Port 3306 has officially been removed. Known Bugs/Issues: Patch 2019.5 ( Benefits/Features: Command Prompt/Powershell window access added to the Web CC. You can also toggle between running commands as system and as admin. ConnectWise Single Sign On is now live. Known Bugs/Issues: Patch 2019.4 ( Benefits/Features: The Control plugin's issues from the previous patch has been resolved allegedly Several Web CC updates (definitely worth checking out the official release notes) Known Bugs/Issues: Patch 2019.3 ( Benefits/Features: LDAP is finally here! (The old LDAP sync is like Jar Jar Binks, yes it existed but you're better off thinking it didn't) Known Bugs/Issues: Some are reporting an issue installing new CW Control agents via Automate after upgrading to this patch. (source) (fix) Patch 2019.2 ( Benefits/Features: This patch includes one of the most important features you can ask for... a server that will still be alive in a month. Known Bugs/Issues: Please consider all non major bugs posted here as secondary. You *must* upgrade to 2019.2 or at least install the hotfix for your current patch (12p11, 12p12, 2019.1) Non SuperAdmins having login issues after changing their passwords. Introduced in 12p12, but still a problem in 2019.2 (source) Patch 2019.1 ( Benefits/Features: New Versioning - This change was put in place to further mirror the rest of the ConnectWise Suite. To upgrade to this patch you must currently have a v12 patch installed. You should not attempt to upgrade from v11 or older without first moving to any of the patches listed here (preferably v12 patch 12) Known Bugs/Issues: was the original version released to the masses, but a newer version was pushed out shortly after. If you're installing or have installed this patch be sure that it ends in .38 not .35 .36 or .37 Seems like there might be a problem with the new network probe on this patch. (source + workaround)
  2. I’d like to setup alerting on server performance, such as high CPU/memory usage. I’ve created an internal monitor which does this, but it obviously picks up all spikes. Is there a way of alerting only if the cpu/memory usage is excessive for over 5 minutes? This way avoiding just momentary spikes... Any ideas would be greatefully received 😊
  3. Hello everyone. We are trying to apply Patch 10 to our Automate 12 Server. I have a support ticket in I'm waiting to hear back from but I have some weird errors in the patch text: Labtech patch could not load Automation Server database password. LabTech Automation Server Not Found No Database Agent Found. SQL query skipped. LabTech Automation Server was not found. Please make sure to run this patch on the LabTech Automation Server, too. The only response I have to any that is... What? Hoping someone has encountered this or heard of it while I'm waiting to hear back from Support.
  4. CW Automate Database Migration Guide I recently performed a successful database migration for our org to a new server with higher specs. I spent some time with CW consulting before the migration, reviewing the new server base install and working through some of the initial issues there (like making sure all our connectors really ARE the right version, and dropping the default anonymous MySQL user). They also gave me some pointers for the actual database migration process which are not in the CW documentation. This guide is not a replacement for proper consulting. If you don't know what the stuff below means, you should probably stop and have a talk with CW about getting assistance . In our case we were migrating the database to a single server, but I would expect some of these same steps could be utilized for someone going from a single server to a split server as well. ASSUMPTIONS: This guide does NOT cover the Automate 12 base install on the target server. It assumes the target server has all firewall ports opened, Automate base install completed, trial license and services are all working. Complete these steps ahead of time, and the steps below can be used as a checklist for performing the actual cutover. Server Installation Reference: https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Automate/ConnectWise_Automate_Documentation/020/010 CUTOVER CHECKLIST • Firewall ○ Check and confirm prerequisite access rules are in place (should mirror current Automate server) • DNS ○ 1 day prior, drop TTL for A record to low value (1800) ○ Start time, update A record to new destination, keep TTL low • Source server ○ Set maintenance mode at all agents level ○ Stop/disable Automate services ○ Export database structure and data ○ Reference: https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Automate/ConnectWise_Automate_Documentation/020/070 ○ Ignore history tables, eventlogs, windowsupdateetlfiles tables from data export ○ Copy export to new server • Target server ○ Install all current Windows Updates ○ Disable automatic restart outside of active hours https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/deployment/update/waas-restart#registry-keys-used-to-manage-restart ○ Stop Automate services ○ Export lt_servers and lt_servers_sec ○ Drop labtech ○ Create labtech ○ Import old server exported structure, then data ○ Discuss: Observed some duplicate primary key errors on import - had to uncheck box "abort on error" ○ Copy LTSHARE data from old server ○ Truncate lt_servers and lt_servers_sec ○ Import from new server data export ○ Set Labtech Redirector Service to delayed startup ○ Start services ○ Discuss: Start/stop errors on Solution Center service. Required. Initial errors logging in to Control Center / high CPU usage on mysqld. Waiting for initial read/hashing of Transfer folder items to complete. ○ Change license key ○ Run latest monthly patch again ○ Restart ○ Update Automate server to computerid 1 ○ Check plugins, agent status ○ Check for agent check-ins, command execution ○ Take agents out of maintenance mode ○ Set up azure blob backup job scheduled task
  5. Hi Guys, I have been using Automate for the last 6 months and so far I have managed to improve my Knowledge and usage of the system. We recently got Report Center installed and I have been working on what I thought to be a simple solution to the Monitor - Agents no checkin for last 30days. Objective: Create an automated report that queries the Computer data and returns data (Agents no checkin for last 30days) I have configured my data source to use the following; Computer table, I can pull information from all clients but cannot restrict this information to only return devices that have not checked in online using the field () I have also tried the following but it has failed to return the required results. I changed the expression for the field ComputerDateLastContact I have added the following ComputerName as a calculated field and set the expression to below; But still no results. To my surprise there is no clear location to restrict this info using SQL codes such as (', Format(AddDays(Now(),-30), 'MMMM d - '), Format(Now(), 'MMMM d, yyyy)')). I also tried to add this to the Where SQL statement in the Query Editor; Please I need help, I have been in touch with ConnectWise support and their response was not great - they only assist with default reports not custom reports. I believe in normal SQL application this would be as easy as - SELECT Computers FROM computers, location, client LEFT JOIN by client WHERE computer.ComputerDateLastContact > 30days I am looking to restrict the data pulled from the database, which I believe is similar to the filter screen on connectwise Report list, see below. However no one in connectwise support is trained extensively to advise. I feel this is a simple filter that can be applied to the report. Any directions or help would be great
  6. I would like to ask that people please post their WORKING impressions on CWA12. Please no comments from people that are not using it and just want to say they hate it. Specifically: How long have you been using CWA12? What problems if any were encountered DURING the upgrade. How was it resolved? (Or is it still an issue?) What problems if any were encountered POST upgrade. How was is resolved? (Or is it still an issue?) What is your feedback on the changes? What do you like best/worst? What feedback did you get from your other users/techs? Now that CWA12 has been running for a couple of weeks for many admins, more admins want to know if they should update as well. This thread should be able to serve as a place to get honest feedback on the changes, issues encountered, and solutions or workarounds that users should know about. IF YOU ARE NOT RUNNING AUTOMATE 12 IN PRODUCTION OR DEV, DO NOT POST IN THIS TOPIC. If you would simply like to share your thoughts, please consider starting your own topic or adding to an existing topic such as https://www.labtechgeek.com/topic/3933-automate-12/ I'll start with my own little bit of feedback. From what I have seen, I believe that good impressions outweigh bad, I do not recall hearing of any showstopper bugs, failed upgrades or morning after regrets. The only thing I have seen mentioned more than once involved CWControl Integration not working correctly, and if I am correct the issues were successfully resolved by updating Control or the Control Plugin (or both). Hopefully some bona fide CWA12 admins can provide some additional details. EDIT BY Kyle:::: Dataview Creator is not present in LT12. Keep a lab of 11 to create Dataviews.
  7. I need to determine peak memory usage for AutoDesk and PowerMill applications over a two week window for certain users. This is what I have done so far... Looked through trending data on the Perf - Memory Utilization Went through MySQL and read through a ton of tables to find the information if at all available SQL Query used: SELECT * FROM `labtech`.`<table>` WHERE `<column>` = '<int>' LIMIT 0, 1000; I am lost on what to do for my client that is asking for one. Does anyone know where that information would be or what I could use to get it? Best, Alexander
  8. We just upgraded to Automate 12 and there are a lot of things we like about it, however we no longer have the ability to right click on a computer in the main control center dashboard and then connect using ConnectWise Control (ScreenConnect). Does anyone know if there is a way to get that feature back or if it was just removed in Automate 12?
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