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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Geeks I wonder if any of you have been using Appget with Automate? It is an open source package manager for Windows. It is also an open source project on Github. It can install and update 800+ apps. I tried it on one of our PCs: References: https://appget.net/ https://github.com/appget/appget
  2. How can I send a broadcast message for one location via labtech?
  3. Hi Everyone, I am trying to get my head round the automation side, Can you give me a guide on what monitors you have running against your agents on the system? I am using ignite and this seems very large and some monitors need to be customised as we don't necessary need alerts. Just interested in finding out what people are doing with the internal monitors?
  4. I am curious to know what other people are doing for customized reboot automation. I am struggling with finding a one size fits all solution for the various needs of different clients, servers and workstations. In order ensure new computers, reinstalled agents, etc get regularly scheduled reboots I have started using groups, searches and a reboot script to initiate the reboots. This way I can set a reoccuring maintenance windows as well. We have found this effective for workstations and just exclude anything we need to. Where I am finding this process to break down is with servers. I have allowed my Lead Techs for each of my clients set the schedules for reboots for their clients, and for some locations the reboots on servers fall on different weeks of the month at different times. So to setup groups that combine the right combo of maintenance windows to reboot times means sometimes I am making one group for one server. I know there are other ways around this, but I am also pondering if keeping the same setup for reboots outweighs the exceptions that make this process tedious for some of the reboots. So I would love to hear what you guys are doing to make this an easier process.
  5. I am discovering the usefulness of EDF's can this information be included in reports. Or is there any way to get the status of a site from a consolidated view instead of navigating into each system individually? Thanks.
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