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Found 3 results

  1. I want to create a monitor to monitor the Syncrify backups for our clients. Any ideas? Every server we have Syncrify installed on it creates a log file in C:\ProgramData\SyncrifyData\logs\*servername*.syncrify.log and it writes the output of the most recent backup taken. see the attached log file for an example. I want to be able to monitor this log file and create a ticket if an offsite backup fails. LLSERVER.syncrify.log
  2. I have installed labtech on an ubuntu14 machine. I could not push out storagecraft from inside labtech so in downloaded SPX directly from storagecraft. I have verified that the service is installed and running but It is not showing up under plugins in labtech. I have not found a lot of information on connecting the two. I also don't see how to change the detected definitions for a role on this server so it would look for the service. Any help on getting this to show up would be appreciated. thanks
  3. We are considering switching over to Veeam as I have only heard good things. However, in my trail period I am trying to sort through our best practice/process for using veeam. So how are you doing it? So far I like the monitors provided for B&R, in my testing. I basically have all the noob questions about any piece of software: integrations, automation, process. My end goal is to setup a Veeam B&R at each client site correctly to include SureBackup validation and verification for Hyper-V. Goals: Troubleshoot VSS prior to the backup commencing to reset anything that would cause the backup to fail (host and guest I created a powershell script for this that works for powershell 1 by the old method of registering the dlls. For powershell 2+ it restarts vss (had some machines that wouldn't even list writers), and then restarts the service for any writer that isnt in a stable/no error state. I am just not sure how to test it. Any ideas? Ticket\Email\Report on successful 'SureBackup' jobs per VM with a screenshot of the VM (I know it should just be a login screen) I know how to take a screenshot of the machine with powershell, just not how to save it to the 'active' machine so the ticketing system/email server could see it. Monitor for failures to create tickets (builtin to the B&R plugin as far as i can tell). I would like to add the backup log for that job to the ticket (the part in the GUI that tells you exactly where it failed, i.e. if you check the box for SQL Server on a non-SQL server it shows backup with errors, what error?) @Vitaliy S. I thought you might have some input.