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Found 4 results

  1. We use Automate version 12 and Control. Over the past few months, we have seen a growing number of Automate agents becoming corrupted and going offline. At the same time, we are finding those same agents are in fact online and their Control (Screen Connect) session is active. With that said, is there a way to setup something in Automate that would alert us if an agent is offline in Automate but is still online in Control? That way we would know that we need to repair the Automate agent on those computers.
  2. We are trying to get started with ConnectWise integration. We have a solution running which which uses ConnectWise Automate currently in read-only mode using the REST APIs. We now want to call services to start to update the database and exploit other integration points by accessing the various plugins such as the Connect function in Control. Unfortunately we are finding both the developer and the invent pages of the website somewhat opaque. Can anyone point me at a baby steps document that can take us through in bite size chunks the activity to start to exploit what is clearly a rich environment.
  3. Is there a minimum required (or recommended) version of ScreenConnect/Control (Server/Access Agent) and/or the related LabTech/Automate Plugin in order to use the "Use Control to Update your Automate Remote Agents" Utility? Also, does ConnectWise have that utility "published" any where on their website? (Didn't see such a link in that Announcement.)
  4. Has anyone been able to setup a recurring script/mysql event that either daily or weekly will perform the same function as clicking the "Assign Client Name to Sessions" box in the Connectwise Control integration page? Not sure why it doesn't do this by default... The reason is that we have a staging group where all our new servers are built, then eventually go into the client when they hit production; if I don't click this every so often, the organization is wrong in the Control web interface. Using sqlspy, I can see what query is ran when the button is clicked, but there must be something missing that actually SETS it, or pushes it to the plugin... SELECT c.computerid, c.locationid, c.name, c.os, cli.name as `ClientName`, COALESCE(scinstalled.isscinstalled,0) AS isscinstalled, scinstalled.sessionguid, conf.VNCMode, j.esid, sett.typelevel, sett.enabledeployment FROM computers c LEFT JOIN clients cli ON c.ClientId = cli.ClientId LEFT JOIN( SELECT es.settingsid AS esid, c.computerid FROM computers c LEFT JOIN plugin_screenconnect_entitysettings es ON targettype = 1 AND targetid = c.computerid )j ON j.computerid= c.computerid LEFT JOIN `plugin_screenconnect_settings` sett ON sett.id = j.esid LEFT JOIN plugin_screenconnect_scinstalled scinstalled ON c.computerid = scinstalled.computerid LEFT JOIN computerconfig conf ON c.computerid = conf.ComputerID
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