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Found 1 result

  1. This thread is meant to be an overview for each individual Version 12+ patch. We know that all patches are not created equal and there are some patches that we should avoid like the plague (I'm looking at you 11.18/12.0). The top post will be consistently updated with known bugs/issues for each patch, so you should know at a glance if you feel comfortable upgrading or holding out for the next patch. Blue = Must install ASAP (unless skipping to a newer patch) Green = Stable Patch Orange = Relatively Stable Patch Red = Unstable Patch Official ConnectWise Automate Patch Notes for all released patches can be found here Patch 2020.9 ( **note: This patch was pulled a few days after release, but has since been re-released Benefits/Features: Web CC - MFA is now optional for Contacts Known Bugs/Issues: Patch 2020.8 ( Benefits/Features: The SSO Account column has been added to the User Management screen to display which SSO account a user belongs to. MFA for the legacy Web Control Center (WCC2) Known Bugs/Issues: Patch 2020.7 ( **Attention: Please follow this Pre-Patch guide BEFORE updating to 2020.7 to help ensure that your agents will check in after updating** Benefits/Features: Very important security updates Known Bugs/Issues: If you're still having issues with agents checking in, then follow this Post-Patch guide to help remediate the issue. Patch 2020.6 ( Benefits/Features: Web CC - Link and unlink SSO users, Check Patch Approval Policies, Script grid and improved scrip scheduler Core - Network Probe has additional logic to clean up devices based on MAC address, Fixed issues with Probe that prevent the probe wizard from running Known Bugs/Issues: This patch was released very late (06/25), partially due to the emergency HF releases two weeks prior Patch 2020.5 ( Benefits/Features: Patching enhancements Web CC - Displaying script priority, schedule scripts on network devices, User Management ported to web. SSO in the Thick Client Known Bugs/Issues: Confirmed issue with the Network Probe not working properly in 2020.5 Patch 2020.4 ( Benefits/Features: Web CC - Several script scheduling updates (Delete, edit, change priority of scheduled scripts) Known Bugs/Issues: Patch 2020.3 ( Benefits/Features: Web CC - Scheduled scripts now have "high priority" when running. Maintenance mode can now be set Logging - Added some additional logging features. Control now prompts to give a reason for remoting into a machine Known Bugs/Issues: Patch 2020.2 ( Benefits/Features: Web CC - Scripts can now be scheduled in the Web CC instead of only being able to run on demand Office 365 option added to the Dashboard ahead of the forced Azure security changes and "app registration." (see more info about it here) Control Center will no longer leave rogue windows open when the CC is closed. All Automate related windows will be closed when the CC itself is closed. Known Bugs/Issues: Patch 2020.1 ( Benefits/Features: Mandatory MFA - Users Must Have an Email Address Defined (Email address is now a required field for all users) Automate has retired the legacy Report Manager and Crystal Reports as of December 31, 2019. Known Bugs/Issues:
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