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Found 1 result

  1. This thread is meant to be an overview for each individual Version 12 patch. We know that all patches are not created equal and there are some patches that we should avoid like the plague (I'm looking at you 11.18/12.0). The top post will be consistently updated with known bugs/issues for each patch, so you should know at a glance if you feel comfortable deciding if you want to upgrade or hold out for the next patch. At the time of creating this - Patch 12.5 ( has just been released, so the details of previous patches might not be as detailed as patches 12.5 and newer. Blue = Must install ASAP (unless skipping to a newer patch) Green = Stable Patch Orange = Relatively Stable Patch Red = Unstable Patch Official ConnectWise Automate Patch Notes for all released patches can be found here ***Install as soon as possible.*** Patch 2019.2 ( - ***If you have upgraded any time in the last few months, then you HAVE to install this patch. Your server is a ticking time bomb*** Benefits/Features: This patch includes one of the most important features you can ask for... a server that will still be alive in a month. Known Bugs/Issues: Please consider all non major bugs posted here as secondary. You *must* upgrade to 2019.2 or at least install the hotfix for your current patch (12p11, 12p12, 2019.1) Non SuperAdmins having login issues after changing their passwords. Introduced in 12p12, but still a problem in 2019.2 (source) ^^^Install as soon as possible.^^^ Patch 2019.1 ( - 2019 Off to a great start. Patch was pulled by CW and re-released 3 days later. Benefits/Features: New Versioning - This change was put in place to further mirror the rest of the ConnectWise Suite. To upgrade to this patch you must currently have a v12 patch installed. You should not attempt to upgrade from v11 or older without first moving to any of the patches listed here (preferably v12 patch 12) Known Bugs/Issues: was the original version released to the masses, but a newer version was pushed out shortly after. If you're installing or have installed this patch be sure that it ends in .38 not .35 .36 or .37 Seems like there might be a problem with the new network probe on this patch. (source + workaround)