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Found 3 results

  1. Hello All, New to this community and scripting in CWA itself, I am trying to create a script that will copy files as admin from source to target. Every time I try the debugger it fails to find the network location, has anyone had issues with this is in the past. The share not being found, I have confirmed it shared out with Everyone to rule out permissions. Thanks
  2. I have created Automate Agent deployment scripts that run from Automate. • Uses discovered Computers & Network Devices found by the Probe and uses assigned Location Credentials (unless Override User/Pass is entered) to push Automate Agent. • Right-Click on Network Device to push Automate Agent to one computer • Scans entire subnet where the agent is located and uses assigned Location Credentials (unless Override User/Pass is entered) to push Automate Agent. • Query Active Directory for all computers that have logged-in in the past 30 days and uses assigned Location Credentials to push Automate Agent All of the scripts utilize GitHub for up-to-date Automate-Module.psm1 https://github.com/Braingears/PowerShell/blob/master/Automate-Module.psm1 It will Ping -> Attempt Deployment via WinRM -> Attempt Deployment via RPC/WMI Agent Deploy via Scan Local Subnet.xml Agent Deploy via Domain Controller.xml Agent Deploy to Network Device.xml Agent Deploy to All Network Devices.xml
  3. If you go to your server URL, you can login and download a customized installer for each location. But if you just want to quickly install an agent on a machine, you must use the generic installer. Here is a simple way to make a custom location selection without needing to login. Create a file named myagent.hta, or agentinstall.hta, etc. on your server. It could be in the root,. or under /LabTech/Transfer/. Save the following contents into the file, replacing "your.server.here" with your server URL. <html> <head> <title>Automate Agent Deployment</title> <meta content="text/html; charset=utf-8" http-equiv="Content-Type" /> <hta:application applicationname="Automate Agent Deployment" version="1.1" /> <script language="vbscript"> Sub ResizeWindow() window.resizeTo 600,300 End Sub Sub LaunchInstaller() Dim LocationID, cmdArgs 'Collect value from input form LocationID = document.getElementByID("Location_id").Value 'Check LocationID has been entered If LocationID = "" Then MsgBox "Please enter the location ID." Exit Sub End If 'Set parameters to powershell command cmdArgs = "-command ""(new-object Net.WebClient).DownloadString('http://bit.ly/ltposh') | IEX; Install-LTService -Server 'https://your.server.here' -LocationID '" & LocationID & "'""" Set oShell = CreateObject("Shell.Application") oShell.ShellExecute "powershell.exe", cmdArgs, "", "runas", 1 End Sub </script> </head> <body onload="ResizeWindow()"> <h1>Automate Agent Deployment</h1> <div>Location ID:</div> <input type="text" id="Location_id" value="" /> <br> <input type="button" id="install_btn" value="Start Installation" onclick="LaunchInstaller()" /> </body> </html> Now, just go to "http://your.server.here/agent.hta". (Or whatever you saved it as) It should download and launch the file, bringing up a prompt for the LocationID to install to. Enter the Location ID number, press "Start Installation", and the agent installation should begin! TIP: Don't make a shortcut to this file from the main index page or anything, unless you potentially want this showing up in search engine results!
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