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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I created a script to deploy Sentinel One AV and in the script i have to call the site token so that it verifies the product. I set it in the Client Info and added the site token. I also set the Global Parameter in the script it self as: @SentinelOne_Site_Token@ with the value blank. Ran it and got a error. Added the value as the actual site token that i got from the Sentinel One website just to test it. The first line in my script reads: GET: @SentinelOne_Site_Token@ = [EXTRAFIELD SentinelOne_Site_Token] Further down in the script where the script actually executes it states: EXECUTE as Admin: %windir%\system32\msiexec.exe /i %tempdir%\SentinelInstaller-@soarchitecture@-@soversion@.msi /SITE_TOKEN=@SentinelOne_Site_Token@ /SILENT /l*v C:\windows\temp\sosinstall.log When i click on that line it is set up like so: Function: Process Execute as Admin File: %windir%\system32\msiexec.exe Arguments: /i %tempdir%\SentinelInstaller-@soarchitecture@-@soversion@.msi /SITE_TOKEN=@SentinelOne_Site_Token@ /SILENT /l*v C:\windows\temp\sosinstall.log And it is set to "Wait for Process" The exact error i get when i run it is: Script: S6366 - Starting at Server Time: Wednesday, April 22, 2020 10:03:34 AM IF F62 AppName (P1): Sentinel Jump (P2): 0 T: 0.9057142 L1 F139 Note (P1): Check that all global variables have been set T: 0.9107007 L2 F103 EdfId (P1): 542 TargetId (P2): 2529 Variable (P3): SentinelOne_Site_Token T: 0.9117026 L3 F70 Value (P1): soversion Comparer (P2): 2 To (P3): ChangeMe Jump (P4): :Update_Global T: 0.9136999 L4 F70 Value (P1): sosarchitecture Comparer (P2): 2 To (P3): ChangeMe Jump (P4): :Update_Global T: 0.9136999 L5 F200 Local (P1): Software/SentinelOne/SentinelOne.msi Destination (P2): C:\WINDOWS\Temp\SentinelInstaller-x64- T: 0.9136999 L6 F114 File (P1): 'C:\WINDOWS\Temp\SentinelInstal...' Check (P2): 1 Jump (P3): :Download_Failed T: 40.9213775 L7 F125 File (P1): %windir%\system32\msiexec.exe Wait (P3): 0 T: 66.9247203 L8 F29 Message (P1): @shellresult@ T: 681.0338181 L9 F29 Message (P1): Checking SO Agent install T: 681.0358104 L10 F139 Note (P1): :Check_Install T: 681.0358104 L11 F54 T: 681.0358104 L12 F120 App (P1): SentinelOne Jump (P2): :Successful_Install T: 697.0415205 L13 F29 Message (P1): SentinelAgent Agent install failed. Please check logs T: 697.0455042 L14 F215 T: 697.0475083 Please Help!!
  2. Hi Guys, Trying to get some ideas and thoughts on how everyone has there CW Automate Deployment & Defaults - Login to use for Administrator Access configure. Fairly used to CW Automate after 1+ year plus using the system and I am trying to make minor improvements in our CW Automate environment. This post is to do with using domain admin details in the Deployment & Defaults - Administrator Access. I would like to use local admin credentials instead of Domain admin credentials in the Deployment & Defaults - Administrator Access. This works great for our cloud based tenants no on-site servers, however I am struggling to find an ideal solution to facilitate the use of local admin details for clients with Domain servers. As you might know DC's cannot have local admin details configured on the server so finding a one fit all solution has been a pain. I thought about creating a new location for each client and have the servers in there or the DC but that might mitigate the issue of domain admin used for all devices, however my main aim to remove domain admin details from Automate entirely. Looking forward replies and ideas. Thanks
  3. I have created Automate Agent deployment scripts that run from Automate. • Uses discovered Computers & Network Devices found by the Probe and uses assigned Location Credentials (unless Override User/Pass is entered) to push Automate Agent. • Right-Click on Network Device to push Automate Agent to one computer • Scans entire subnet where the agent is located and uses assigned Location Credentials (unless Override User/Pass is entered) to push Automate Agent. • Query Active Directory for all computers that have logged-in in the past 30 days and uses assigned Location Credentials to push Automate Agent All of the scripts utilize GitHub for up-to-date Automate-Module.psm1 https://github.com/Braingears/PowerShell/blob/master/Automate-Module.psm1 It will Ping -> Attempt Deployment via WinRM -> Attempt Deployment via RPC/WMI Agent Deploy via Scan Local Subnet.xml Agent Deploy via Domain Controller.xml Agent Deploy to Network Device.xml Agent Deploy to All Network Devices.xml
  4. We are new to automate and are looking for a way to script the installer in solarwind to push out to all of our current clients. i have not been successful at this thus far. any help or guidance is appropriated. Thanks in advance, Frustrated tech
  5. Hi guys, I was wondering if someone has come across this issue before. I am trying to automate agent deployment from the Probe/Deployment manager and 9 out of 10 clients are pushing back with "Could not connect with passwords or system is firewalled" I have tried multiple admin accounts and i'm still getting the same issue. Is there any particular ports that need to be open on the firewall to allow this to happen?
  6. I will be starting in a new role as an L2 MSP Help Desk engineer and LabTech Administrator and taking the company from Continuum to LabTech - Automate 11. They want to configure most of the moving parts before they throw the switch. Their PSA is ConnectWise Manage. They are particularly concerned with prioritizing monitors and alerts, minimizing unwanted tickets and critical alerts through MMS or SMS. I do not currently have an active login with ConnectWise and need to refresh my knowledge. I did 25 hours of study with LabTech 10.5, administered patching and worked with monitors, alerts and the LabTech plug-in in ConnectWise. Any tips, links, gotchas and order of operations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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