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Found 2 results

  1. I saw another (older) post about this but it didn't quite match, so I thought I'd re-ask... I'm in need of finding a way to track data growth trends for my clients. Specifically, I need to know the total amount of data used on a volume, and track it over time. Then, extrapolate a future trend ( XXTB in 6 months, etc) to show growth. Ideally I'd like to see it by volume, but subtotaled by server, and again by customer. I tried to start writing this myself, but the built-in disk checks appear to store the percent used on the disk rather than the actual bytes used. This is a challenge, since most customers are on VMWare, and VMDK's are resized often. Also customers sometimes move data between drives on the server (by 'archiving' data to a different share, etc) Once the disk is resized, the percentage of used space is meaningless. Does anyone know of a plug-in that does this type of data growth trending? I really can't believe it doesn't exist already. This is driven by my customers that want to know how many years they can get out of a SAN or a BDR, etc... Alternatively, if someone could point me to a way to modify Labtech to actually put the bytes used (instead of percent used) in the database that would be awesome. I appreciate any help.
  2. The agent maintenance script runs daily and creates critical disk space monitors on servers and workstations by querying the database. I'd like to restrict the creation of these monitors to the C drive, as we get many false positives and we have internal monitors at the group level monitoring disk space already. I had intended to go into the _System Automation\Agent Maintenance\Agent Maintenance - Disk script and change the sql query to only return drives with the letter C. However these are system scripts and I am unable to modify them. Does anyone know of a way that I can better control this automated behavior to prevent the creation of faulty and redundant monitors?
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