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Found 5 results

  1. I'm struggling to build a working script that changes the patching stage on a device (test/pilot/production). This should be easy, like any EDF. ExtraData set value does not work. Looking deeper into the issue, the table with extrafielddata doesn't match device patching screens. So where is the data really stored? You might be tempted to say, "ummm, Tony, all EDFs are in extrafielddata," to which I would reply "Yes Darren 😁 I already tried using the extradata set value function and selecting the patching stage item. That didn't seem to work. I can see the new record in the extrafielddata table, but this has no effect on the device patching screen....that still says the original value. Yes, I have force-updated the EDF views using call v_ExtraDataRefresh(1,'Computers'); which updates the v_extradatacomputers table. But this table has values for Patching Stage that don't jive with reality." Is there another spot it's stored? Are we sure there isn't another, newer field for this? I should have a lot more records in that table for this field that I do. I tried running sql spy but that didn't yield anything helpful. I tried looking for a dataview that had patching stage so I could dissect it. No luck. Did I miss it? The only way I've been able to batch-change this setting is by shift-clicking devices under the PM GUI. Manually. With my MOUSE! The horror...
  2. So I have been combing through the forum here for a while looking for examples of how people have scripted local admin account setups. I have built out a script to do all of those tasks but wanted to customize the @Password@ variable in some way so that the script could reference a client-specific local admin password. This way ALL the PCs I manage don't have the same local admin pw. Is there an intuitive way to do this with EDF's etc? I can't even find where I would put in a Client EDF and which script function to use for this. I feel like they are right in front of my eyes. What am I missing? Anyone else have a different setup for creating different local admin passwords via scripts? I don't want a different script for each client unless there is no other choice, but I feel like fetching an edf value that has that pw would be perfect, just not clear on the details. Any help would be awesome.
  3. Hey guys, I'm sure this is probably a common issue, but I haven't been able to find much on it. I'm writing a script to check an EDF for a value. If it is Null, then I Generate a Random Password and store it in the EDF. The problem is that I haven't found a way to check for a Null value. I'm currently using a "Variable Check" against the variable that I stored my EDF in, with a blank compare field, but the test passes and the script continues as if it matched. My script debugger does show the variable as empty.
  4. Hi labtech Geeks! I am new here so pardon me if I am not providing needed information. I am trying to create an advanced search for an EDF I created that is simply a checkmark, basically true or false EDF. I was going to create a search and have it collect agents into a group through autojoin and then of course apply a script to run to that group on a schedule. For some reason the EDF does not work or something even though I find the options properly when building the query in the advanced search builder. I was able to create a custom SQL query to find what i need by querying the database manually but how would I make that SQL query I created into an advanced search to apply to a group? Thanks for any and all help!
  5. I am discovering the usefulness of EDF's can this information be included in reports. Or is there any way to get the status of a site from a consolidated view instead of navigating into each system individually? Thanks.
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