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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All, A new day, a new challenge. I'm monitoring WatchGuard Firewalls now! It's great. I added a detection template, search and group so now I have all my WatchGuard Firewalls together in a group. So I build monitors on this group. SNMP monitors to check free mem, cpu and much more. So when my firewall has any performance problems, I can see it. Yeey! But there's one problem.... I cant enable data collection on group monitors for network devices 😞 So now nice graph, no historical data.... The data Collector fields are greyed out. I asked Support but they answered it's by design. But hey... I can override an individual monitor and enable Data Collection. So it sould be possible... He also answered it might be possible by modifying the agents in the database. He was not supposed to tell how so now I rely on you guys... 1. Who knows a way to enable data collection on these monitors like in the screenshot? 2. If via database... how do I make sure data collection will be enabled on any future added monitors when a WatchGuard Firewall is added? Hope someone will be able to tell me.
  2. Remote Monitors on agents have a checkbox to "Enable Data Collection". But there is no similar option for a group monitor. For a Remote Monitor you can enable Data Collection with the check of a box, and little else. Maybe you specified the max value and nothing else, but it just works. If you drag and drop that monitor into a group, the Data Collection Value, Unit, or Max fields will be filled in (matching the source monitor) and everything looks ok. But if you try to edit the monitor you may find that all of the Data Collection parameters disappear. Or you may try adding values to a monitor to enable collection and find that they don't seem to be saved. To enable Data Collection on a group monitor, you just need to fill in the Data Collection parameters. However the following conditions must be met or it will clear all three fields: You must provide text for the Value Name field. (1 or more characters) You must provide text for the Units Name field. (1 or more characters) You must provide a number for the Max Value field. (A numeric value) All of the above conditions are required. As long as all three fields and correctly populated, they should be saved properly and Data Collection should be correctly enabled. Advanced Tip: If you currently have blanks for the Value or Units Name and you would like to keep them that way, you can enter a single comma. It will be accepted as a string, but it is removed from the text before saving so the blank fields are preserved. You have to put the comma's back in the empty fields each time you update the monitor, but you can continue with those fields being empty as long as you don't forget this trick. (Remember, if you forget and leave a field completely blank when updating, all fields will be cleared and Data Collection will be disabled.) It is best to always fill in the Value, Unit, and Max fields to avoid possible problems. But it is good to know what works and what doesn't. The official documentation doesn't tell you all of these things, but you can read it here: https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Automate/ConnectWise_Automate_Documentation/070/160/040/020#Edit_Group_Remote_Monitors Thank You to @Aaron Jacobs on Slack for testing this out.
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