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Found 4 results

  1. We're trying to auto-deploy ESET to our clients that subscribe to it. I've added those clients to a group. I'd like to create a search that looks for "is server" or "is workstation" AND "is member of this group". That way I can add that search to a new group(s) and use those to deploy the correct version of ESET to the correct devices and only to the customers that have paid for it. If there is a way to do this or an easier way to accomplish the same goal, I'll take any help. (rant incoming) I can't believe ESET Direct Endpoint Management can't look at the auto deployment screen and gather that you want to only push to "these groups" AND "these clients"... not "these groups" OR "these clients". Seems like pretty basic functionality that is missing...
  2. Greetings everyone! I am on the prowl for some information. I have been tasked with deep diving into my company's Labtech configurations to improve what is already existing. I have found that there is absolutely no scheme to the 100% System Monitors that previous managers have configured. What i am looking for is someone to help explain whether or not I can use groups to apply monitors to each agent machine. For example, say I have a group of standard workstations and I want all machines in it (and machines added to the group) to be automatically set up with standard monitors like available disk space, memory usage, etc. What would I need to do in order to have monitors automatically set themselves up, and can I also configure alerts the same way? Can templates be used to make this happen as well? By what I can tell, no. Templates looks like they're only used for setting up information like agent addresses, folder/caching locations, etc which doesn't seem to be what I'm looking for. I have noticed that I can apply this to groups which implies the information I set in agent settings would apply to the entire group. Connectwise's University is stupidly vague with this stuff, so I appreciate any light that anyone can shed on this. Thanks!
  3. I have two groups A and B. I would like to have Group A have an Autojoin Search for All Servers excluding any Servers which I would have manually added to Group B. Although I can easily get a search working for all servers, I could not find a condition in the Search Editor to exclude any servers from Group B. If the above is not possible and you know of a workaround I would appreciate it if you can share it? Thanks, Kevin
  4. Anybody know how to show what groups a computer is a member of, in Automate? I remember in Labtech, you could do this from the Tools, Tasks & Groups tab in the computer management screen, but that seems to have been removed in Automate. Thanks!
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