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Found 7 results

  1. So the MSP I am working for is needing a way to get the warranty information from the 5 companies in the title. We used to have a working solution for it but it appears that the API's no longer work. I have seen this mentioned alot on several other blog posts on various sites. I was wondering if anyone here has a solution for getting warranty info for these companies in a different way because I have tried to get new API keys to see if that was the issue but i get no response from the support. thanks
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This bundle will create the following Role: HP Server And the following sub-roles: HP Server - Gen6 HP Server - Gen7 HP Server - Gen8 HP Server - Gen9 HP Server - Gen10 I don't do a lot with HP servers, so these roles are not heavily tested. If you see anything detected incorrectly, please let me know so that I can update the role detection definition. To import these Role Definitions, in the ConnectWise Automate main screen, go to Tools > Import -> SQL File. Browse to the relevant file, and OK the message about inserting 6 rows.
  3. Standard Disclaimer Applies This is an attempt to document how I am monitoring SNMP for Proliant servers through Labtech. It is a merger of the previous 2 threads on the subject along with my notes from setting it up and muddling through SNMP after years of not looking at it at all. Forgive anything I put in wrong, and please comment it so I can change the content and wording to be as exact as possible. NOTE: This is not my whole solution, but should be enough for anyone to build out their own. Once I figured it out I created all the monitors I wanted ;). Pr
  4. I am trying to query wmi for HP Server health but I cannot figure out how to do this with an alternate namespace. Does anyone know how to do this? I can do it with powershell but I am getting strange results.
  5. Hello. I've been using labtech for about 2 years but never had to dig super deep down into custom settings so forgive my ignorance. Our client noticed a failed drive on his HP Proliant DL380 Gen8. Labtech is showing no alerts or issues with the server. I see in the windows system event logs, entries for the failed drive array (see attached). I called Connectwise support and they said they don't know why we didn't get an alert and our server must have have smart monitoring enabled in the BIOS. I told them if I open an SMART checking application it can see the drives
  6. New to Labtech and I'm trying to wrap my head around monitoring network devices. I am curious to know what the add-ons under the Network Device Solution section of the Solution Center actually do Firewall Devices, Network Devices (Complete Set), Wireless Devices, etc. I have installed them but can't seem to find any reference to them in Automate anywhere and there isn't any real information as to what they are or what they are used for. I appreciate any advice you can provide. Thanks!
  7. This is a set of scripts I built out to automate configuration of SNMP monitoring of core hardware components on our HP servers. It uses a couple of EDF's to track whether SNMP is installed and configured. I also included a search for filtering down to just your physical HP servers so it's not trying to install on vMware vm's or the like. Implementation requirements: - Server must have SNMP installed - Server must have HP(E) Insight Management Agent installed - SNMP must be configured to allow queries I have included the scripts I built to accomplish each of these steps, a master
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