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Found 5 results

  1. Hi. I'm looking for an example with custom IContextMenuItem using LabTechPresentation.Integrations.Interfaces. Anyone got an example? Br Patrick Egeland
  2. First forum post for me (I've posted in the Slack channel once or twice). We are running ConnectWise Mange v2018.4 and Automate v12.0.327 (Patch 5). The integration was never performed between these two products (the reason why is no longer with the company). It has been tasked to me to get these integrated and our Automation up and running. We have been using CW Manage as our daily-driver for roughly 4 years. We have been using Automate about the same length of time. We have played around in Automate, but there is nothing of true significance there. The main function Automate plays for us is the ScreenConnect side of things. One of the things that has kept my company from performing this integration in the past is trepidation with regards to the potential flood of tickets. We have been discussing what options we have and have come up with the three following options: 1) ConnectWise Manage/Automate “Current” a. Clear and disable all monitors that will create tickets in Automate b. Clean up old client accounts i. Automate has quite a few old clients that were not offboarded properly c. Clean up unwanted agents d. Create new monitoring and provisioning settings in Automate i. Connect Automate clients to Manage clients ii. Map them via integration setup Notes: This will leave us with some possible monitoring and/or ticket creation in Automate (ticket explosion in Manage) as it would be easy to miss a client or monitor rule 2) ConnectWise Manage/Automate “Clean” a. Uninstall all Automate Agents. i. Leave all ScreenConnect agents installed. ii. Document what Agents we will want to reinstall in the end b. Purge all clients and locations in Automate i. Need input on how to achieve this c. Integrate Manage and Automate. i. This will allow all client names to be imported and match d. Fix password structure on Manage side i. We are currently storing our passwords in a “wall of text” in the notes field of Manage Configurations. This needs to change (working on a solution) e. Create monitoring and provisioning settings f. Reinstall Agents identified in first step and reinstall through ScreenConnect Notes: This would be the least likely option to cause unplanned tickets or alerts. Would also provide Client name consistency. Also, we would have the ability to better control the deployment/provisioning of all clients going forward as we can crate a series of client types for monitoring and control all installs from the start. 3) ConnectWise Manage/Automate “Hybrid” Would need to check into this option – but maybe we can just ignore all current data in Automate a. Clear and disable all monitors in Automate b. Integrate Manage and Automate i. This will allow client names to be imported (NOT mapped) ii. Leave ALL old clients alone. c. Ignore the current clients and locations d. Fix password structure on Manage side i. Same as item D in 2 e. Create new monitoring and provisioning settings f. Move all the current agents to the imported clients and locations Notes: This would need to be researched more if this is what we decide to go with. Downsides are the same as option 1 “Current”. Could also have an issue where the import syncs bad data (from ‘ignored’ clients) back into Manage. We are heavily leaning towards option 2 as we feel we would have the most control to: minimize our chances of a ticket flood, control the names of clients as they are imported, minimize labor involved with the cleanup/integration. I'm brand new to the world of Automate, and this will be my first step (of many) to get our Automation up and running. What I'm looking for is any input any of you would have before we pull the trigger on this. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello I have been trying to get the integration between ITGlue and Labtech up and running. I get the following error: Unable to connect. The supplied server appears to be incorrect and/or is timing out We use the port number on the labtech command console login both internally and externally so as an example https://labtech.mycompany.com.au:4698 We login no problems at all. When I use labtech.mycompany.com.au:4698 in the integration panel, that is when the error appears. ITGlue support are on the ask one simple question then wait and repeat meaning it I have spent 3 days and got roughly the following responses 1) Have you read the documentation (no of course not, I like to live on the edge plus its a sign of great weakness is what I felt like saying) 2)You need to have an ssl certificate and you do not have one (my response was yes we do and screenshots of proof it is working) 3) Must have been a glitch at our end as I can see you do have SSL setup, is you user setup correctly & have you read the instructions (Responded that I have again) I refered them to the fact the error says it is not connecting to the server & so is not even getting to the user authentication part. I mentioned I put in fake details and it still came up with the same error meaning either their error is horrendously wrong or it is not checking the user. So 3 interactions & I am at the same place that I was when I created the ticket, because of the time difference, it will be another day before another question comes my way which is why I am asking here.
  4. Has anyone been able to setup a recurring script/mysql event that either daily or weekly will perform the same function as clicking the "Assign Client Name to Sessions" box in the Connectwise Control integration page? Not sure why it doesn't do this by default... The reason is that we have a staging group where all our new servers are built, then eventually go into the client when they hit production; if I don't click this every so often, the organization is wrong in the Control web interface. Using sqlspy, I can see what query is ran when the button is clicked, but there must be something missing that actually SETS it, or pushes it to the plugin... SELECT c.computerid, c.locationid, c.name, c.os, cli.name as `ClientName`, COALESCE(scinstalled.isscinstalled,0) AS isscinstalled, scinstalled.sessionguid, conf.VNCMode, j.esid, sett.typelevel, sett.enabledeployment FROM computers c LEFT JOIN clients cli ON c.ClientId = cli.ClientId LEFT JOIN( SELECT es.settingsid AS esid, c.computerid FROM computers c LEFT JOIN plugin_screenconnect_entitysettings es ON targettype = 1 AND targetid = c.computerid )j ON j.computerid= c.computerid LEFT JOIN `plugin_screenconnect_settings` sett ON sett.id = j.esid LEFT JOIN plugin_screenconnect_scinstalled scinstalled ON c.computerid = scinstalled.computerid LEFT JOIN computerconfig conf ON c.computerid = conf.ComputerID
  5. It's possible to integrate Datto monitoring in the on-premises Automate, per the article linked below. Has anyone fouind a way to monitor Datto devices in the ConnectWise cloud? https://kb.datto.com/hc/en-us/articles/211591023-Integration-with-Datto-LabTech
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