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Found 1 result

  1. I would like to ask that people please post their WORKING impressions on CWA12. Please no comments from people that are not using it and just want to say they hate it. Specifically: How long have you been using CWA12? What problems if any were encountered DURING the upgrade. How was it resolved? (Or is it still an issue?) What problems if any were encountered POST upgrade. How was is resolved? (Or is it still an issue?) What is your feedback on the changes? What do you like best/worst? What feedback did you get from your other users/techs? Now that CWA12 has been running for a couple of weeks for many admins, more admins want to know if they should update as well. This thread should be able to serve as a place to get honest feedback on the changes, issues encountered, and solutions or workarounds that users should know about. IF YOU ARE NOT RUNNING AUTOMATE 12 IN PRODUCTION OR DEV, DO NOT POST IN THIS TOPIC. If you would simply like to share your thoughts, please consider starting your own topic or adding to an existing topic such as https://www.labtechgeek.com/topic/3933-automate-12/ I'll start with my own little bit of feedback. From what I have seen, I believe that good impressions outweigh bad, I do not recall hearing of any showstopper bugs, failed upgrades or morning after regrets. The only thing I have seen mentioned more than once involved CWControl Integration not working correctly, and if I am correct the issues were successfully resolved by updating Control or the Control Plugin (or both). Hopefully some bona fide CWA12 admins can provide some additional details. EDIT BY Kyle:::: Dataview Creator is not present in LT12. Keep a lab of 11 to create Dataviews.
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