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Found 16 results

  1. I am looking to make a script that would allow me to create a user profile without having to log into the machine. Does anyone have experience with the power-shell command that would do this?
  2. Brock

    Very New

    I am VERY new to creating scripts for automate. My goal is to create a script that starts the on-boarding process for new computers. I know that this is quite a large project, but I believe it is a good place to start because I can break it down into individual parts, much like this post here: Small problem though. I cannot get step one done. I am trying to make a script that detects if Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is installed, and if not to install it then. I cannot get Labtech to detect if reader is installed. I am editing the script by adding a "IF Software Installed" and the app name to find %Adobe Acrobat Reader DC% Labtech recognizes adobe reader being installed on the computer in the computer monitors. What am I doing wrong? As well if you have any advice for someone trying to figure out how scripting in Labtech works I would really appreciate it! Thanks!
  3. Good morning, I am working on a report for our CEO. He has asked that we generate a monthly report to list all remote software that isn't Connectwise Control. I looked through the report center, I even read through all of the documentation that Connectwise has on this product. I was still unable to achieve this. When running a search I was able to grab the SQL syntax from it and this is what I got: SELECT computers.computerid as `Computer Id`, computers.name as `Computer Name`, clients.name as `Client Name`, computers.domain as `Computer Domain`, computers.username as `Computer User`, Software.Name as `Computer.Applications.Name' FROM Computers LEFT JOIN inv_operatingsystem ON (Computers.ComputerId=inv_operatingsystem.ComputerId) LEFT JOIN Clients ON (Computers.ClientId=Clients.ClientId) LEFT JOIN Locations ON (Computers.LocationId=Locations.LocationID) LEFT JOIN Software ON (Software.ComputerId = Computers.ComputerId) WHERE ((((Instr(Software.Name,'TeamViewer') > 0) OR (Instr(Software.Name,'Remote Utilities') > 0) OR (Instr(Software.Name,'Ultra VNC') > 0) OR (Instr(Software.Name,'RemotePC') > 0) OR (Instr(Software.Name,'AnyDesk') > 0) OR (Instr(Software.Name,'Comodo Unite') > 0) OR (Instr(Software.Name,'join.me') > 0) OR (Instr(Software.Name,'LogmeIn') > 0) OR (Instr(Software.Name,'VNC') > 0)))) From here it listed all of the tables that I needed. I saw within the report center there was a script editor where you were able to use C#, Visual Basic, and JScript .NET. Is there a way to run a custom SQL query within the script editor using one of those languages? I am really needing help on this one. If anyone has any thoughts on this, please let me know!
  4. Greetings everyone! I am on the prowl for some information. I have been tasked with deep diving into my company's Labtech configurations to improve what is already existing. I have found that there is absolutely no scheme to the 100% System Monitors that previous managers have configured. What i am looking for is someone to help explain whether or not I can use groups to apply monitors to each agent machine. For example, say I have a group of standard workstations and I want all machines in it (and machines added to the group) to be automatically set up with standard monitors like available disk space, memory usage, etc. What would I need to do in order to have monitors automatically set themselves up, and can I also configure alerts the same way? Can templates be used to make this happen as well? By what I can tell, no. Templates looks like they're only used for setting up information like agent addresses, folder/caching locations, etc which doesn't seem to be what I'm looking for. I have noticed that I can apply this to groups which implies the information I set in agent settings would apply to the entire group. Connectwise's University is stupidly vague with this stuff, so I appreciate any light that anyone can shed on this. Thanks!
  5. Hi, we've 50+ users on one of our client's domain that are running webroot antivirus. It is expired and we want to uninstall it and install ESET on them remotely. I don't have webroot uninstall scripts or any kind of plugins related to webroot. any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  6. I am trying to write a script to install Skype for business on various computers. I have manually ran the install files and commands on a test computer and Skype installs just fine. However when I try to run a labtech script it will download the necessary files just fine but the script will freeze when it needs to run the powershell commands.I have attached a screenshot of what I have right now. Please note that I am fairly new to scripting in labtech.
  7. Hi All, I have gone over my allotment of CW Automate licenses. The desktop client stopped counting once I hit 250. Can anyone tell me how to get a hard count of the number of endpoints installed? Thanks, Steve
  8. Is there a minimum required (or recommended) version of ScreenConnect/Control (Server/Access Agent) and/or the related LabTech/Automate Plugin in order to use the "Use Control to Update your Automate Remote Agents" Utility? Also, does ConnectWise have that utility "published" any where on their website? (Didn't see such a link in that Announcement.)
  9. Hey everyone, I'm looking for a bit of help. I am trying to monitor HP MSA SAN devices through LT. I have read all of the threads I could find related to this topic. I have the MSA mibs installed on the LT server and I have built custom monitors using the OIDs that worked for HP servers, but they aren't alerting. I set the Community in the LT Network Device pop-out to ensure it was looking with the right community string and I set the credentials to use a monitor login that is set in the HP's User Account section. I did a SNMPwalk against the device and found that it doesn't have the OIDs to match the server. I have added a custom community string and walked against that to verify that I am getting info back, just not the info that I need Has anyone successfully built monitors for HP Storage Devices with LT? If you didn't build custom monitors, how are you monitoring yours? I know there is a built in email option, but we are trying to do this through SNMP instead. Specifically, I am trying to monitor HP MSA 2050 devices, but I know that working monitors for previous generations should work. Any help anyone can offer is greatly appreciated. Brett
  10. Hi guys, I need to copy a .msi from a server share to a local PC using a script. I then need to create another script to remove a program using the copied .msi. Does anyone know how to create a script for this? I tried and cannot get it to work.
  11. Hi guys, I am trying to install 7zip on a PC via a script through LT. The first part of the script is copying the installer to the local machine from a local server share and the second part is meant to use msiexec to install this. The first half of the script works and the file is copied to the machine but the second part fails. I checked the workstations logs and LT gives me the following error: "The Script(414) failed in the Then section at step 1. The reason: File Copy Command Failed Script: S414 - Starting at Server Time: Thursday, May 24, 2018 4:31:30 PM Script step logging has been disabled. Please set @ScriptEngineEnableLogger@ = True in your script to enable function logging." I duplicated the script to run everything as an admin but this has also given me the same result. Please see below for both of the scripts I have created for this: Script 1: Step 1: Function: File Copy Source path: \\SERVER\Data\IT Software\7z1805.exe Destination path: %windir%\Temp\7z1805.exe Step 2: Function: Shell Command: "%windir%\system32\msiexec.exe" /i "%windir%\Temp\7z1805.exe" /q Script 2: Step 1: Function: File Copy as Admin Source path: \\SERVER\Data\IT Software\7z1805.exe Destination path: %windir%\Temp\7z1805.exe Step 2: Function: Shell as Admin Command: "%windir%\system32\msiexec.exe" /i "%windir%\Temp\7z1805.exe" /q Could someone please provide me with some assistance. I have never used the LT server side of things, so if someone could explain that then I would very grateful.
  12. Is there a way to force Labtech to see the agent as a server instead of just a workstation, aside from installing the Mac Server software package? Thanks, Stephen
  13. I installed the Expiry plugin and users are listed with the number of days left until password expiration. The issue I am having is the email is being sent with "Domain Password Expiration Notification" in the subject line and "Ok" in the body. It should email the users a specific template made in html with the user's name, how many days left, and a link to reset the password. Any idea why this would be happening?
  14. Hi there, I've created a script to clear the browser cache, and now I want to add a ticket with time to ConnectWise Manage for this job. I've created the ticket & attached a file to the ticket, which works fine in ConnectWise Manage. However when I add the time with Ticket Add Time, no time is added in ConnectWise Manage. It is however added in the corresponding ticket in Labtech. What have I not done? Does the User ID have to match up? Or is there something else that has to sync somewhere? Thanks, Steve.
  15. Does anyone know of a way to test whether a (specifically Mac OS X) endpoint is accessible via ScreenConnect without actually launching a session and potentially incurring a confused/irate call from a client about why we were randomly taking over their system? I'm fighting with an issue where multiple Mac OS endpoints show ScreenConnect as installed but will only display a black screen (or the "your partner has not connected yet" error) when our techs try to remote in. I've attacked this in a couple of ways, including a Labtech search for installed software and a script that queries running processes with pgrep and returns the PID for screenconnect and/or connectwisecontrol. Some of these systems report the plugin running and return a valid PID (confirmed via terminal commands in the Labtech CMD prompt) but they're still not accessible via a ScreenConnect session, which our techs only find out when they actually need to open a session. I've seen some posts here about running commands against ScreenConnect and a script uploaded to reinstall/redeploy on Windows and MacOS hosts, but I'm not sure how to go about applying them. Ultimately what I'm looking to do is get a definitive list of hosts that cannot be accessed via ScreenConnect (even though the client is present and the process running...GUID mismatch maybe?) so that I can then force a removal and redeployment. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  16. Version 1.0.0


    This will find a dead service. SC is not in the software tab, but is present in the services as "stopped". It will remove that service itself, and issue a reinstall command.
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