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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Geeks, I have been using a development license current through version 12 supplied by a customer who is no longer using LabTech/Automate. I have attempted to contact ConnectWise and request developer license information, but they never reply and I cannot find any information on their site about acquiring a limited developer's license to use the product only to develop plugins. How are other developers handling this situation? Many thanks, Reg
  2. The purpose of this script is to collect license data for windows from a workstation and populate EDFs. There are monitors included that can be used to collect license data and report on any potential issues. Directions: Import the XML expansion first, this includes the script and EDF values. Once the EDFs are installed, import the monitor SQL Create an Alert Template on the Licensing - Refresh License Data monitor to run the script. This will refresh KMS/Eval based licenses daily, MAK/Retail/OEM licenses generally will never need to be refreshed since they don't expire. Set alert templates on the other monitors to create a ticket or send an email accordingly. Edit: Updated to add Partial Product Key EDF and modified schedule to refresh licensing weekly for systems with a valid non KMS license. Windows Licensing.zip
  3. You don't need to use RAWSQL. You just need a machine that you will "blame" so that the alert can be created. Try this: Table To Check: Computers Field To Check: computerID Check Condition: Equals Result: 1 (Or whatever computerid you want to be returned with the alert) Identity Field: Can be blank Additional Condition: (SELECT MAX(DynamicClients)<(SELECT COUNT(*)+100 FROM Computers) FROM config) If the current number of computers+100 (your margin) becomes greater than the number of licenses allowed, then the additional condition will become true, for every computer whose computerID EQUALS 1 (or whatever computer you select). You should leave this as a global monitor, do not select any groups or clients for the Monitor Target. For dynamic computer selection of your LabTech Server (or '1' if it is not found), replace the Result with: (SELECT IFNULL(MAX(computerid),1) FROM services WHERE `name`='LTAgent' AND state='Running') keywords: agent count license free available licenses monitor
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