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Found 4 results

  1. kenoboy

    ipv6 value

    need help with getting the IPv6 value for script. I need to disable IPv6 on all workstations and then verify it's been disabled. Currently I can just run the following PS command and it successfully disables IPv6. Disable-NetAdapterBinding -Name Ethernet -ComponentID ms_tcpip6 -PassThru Once this command has run I would like to use Get-NetAdapterBinding -Name Ethernet to return the value of True or False to determine if IPv6 was successfully disabled. Can someone please help me with how to use this with maybe "variable set" and "variable check"? Thank you.
  2. Hi, I would like one of our own servers to check daily on all our Client's router ip adresses, if a specific port is open (RDP port 3389). As ransomware often comes in to client's network by using RDP, and we normally block RDP. But to be sure, I want to check this daily I know I can make a remote network monitor, but I do not want to manually make a remote network for each client's WAN ip in order to check this. A script would be the solution which pulls all the computerRouterIp adresses from Labtech. With portqry.exe I can check to see if the TCP port 3389 is LISTENING on the clients/location WAN ip. But how would I make this into a script, do the check, and if found LISTENING then make a ticket ?
  3. Using information from around the Web, I have started two scripts to handle backing up and restoring all wireless network settings (including network password) for Windows computers. As of the initial post, the backup script is functional. The restore script needs some help with automating the restore. For now, restoration involves copying the file names into the command and running the commands. Ideally, I'd like to have Automate run the command on each XML file in the directory, but that's a bit beyond me right now. Backing up The first script (Wi-Fi Settings Backup) is for saving the wireless network information to XML files. Creates the backup destination (%windir%\LTSVC\scripts\wifibackup). Ensures PSExec and 7zip exist in the expected locations. If not, the files are downloaded to the target computer. You may need to adjust where the script looks for the files, copy the files to the proper locations on the L drive, or remove this section altogether. Runs the command to export the profiles to XML files. netsh wlan export profile key=clear folder="%windir%\ltsvc\scripts\wifibackup" The XML files are then zipped and uploaded to the Automate server. Restoring The second script (Wi-Fi Settings Restore) is for importing the saved XML file(s) into Windows' wireless network information. Currently, the zip file must be manually copied from L:\Uploads\CompanyName\ComputerName-ObjectID into the %windir%\LTSVC\scripts\wifibackup directory. Ensures PSExec and 7zip exist in the expected locations (again). If not, the files are downloaded to the target computer (again). Once more, you may need to adjust where the script looks for the files, copy the files to the proper locations on the L drive, or remove this section altogether. Opens the backup location (%windir%\LTSVC\scripts\wifibackup) in File Explorer. Extracts the zip file into the same directory. A text file containing a template of the restore command is downloaded and opened in Notepad. Wi-Fi Settings Backup and Restore.zip
  4. New to Labtech and I'm trying to wrap my head around monitoring network devices. I am curious to know what the add-ons under the Network Device Solution section of the Solution Center actually do Firewall Devices, Network Devices (Complete Set), Wireless Devices, etc. I have installed them but can't seem to find any reference to them in Automate anywhere and there isn't any real information as to what they are or what they are used for. I appreciate any advice you can provide. Thanks!
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